The Leaders of Northern Ireland's Political Parties

We must keep the memory of the victims of Srebrenica alive and work to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. It is important we all learn from the tragedy in Srebrenica in 1995 to help create a safer, better and more hopeful future for everyone. We thank Remembering Srebrenica for their work in helping the people of Northern Ireland, through commemoration and education, to learn from this genocide in Europe just a generation ago.

We are also determined that our young people learn to shape their future through awareness of the lessons of the past. Srebrenica should be a reminder to us all that reason must not succumb to evil.

It is important that we honour those who lost their lives in the Srebrenica genocide and also those whose lives are still affected by the trauma of the Bosnian conflict. We should continue to celebrate the courage of those who work for peace and reconciliation everywhere including in Bosnia Herzegovina and here at home.

We condemn prejudice and discrimination wherever and whenever it happens. We value a diverse, tolerant and interdependent society. We will do our utmost to make sure that the lessons of Srebrenica are fully learnt so that such devastating violence is never again visited on any community, anywhere.

Arlene Foster, Democratic Unionist Party
Michelle O’Neill, Sinn Fein
Colum Eastwood, Social Democratic and Labour Party
Robin Swann, Ulster Unionist Party
Naomi Long, Alliance Party