The Charity

Remembering Srebrenica is part-funded by the UK Government and is committed to using the lessons from Srebrenica to tackle hatred and intolerance to help to build a better, safer and more cohesive society for everyone. It has three core objectives:

Our vision is a society free from hatred

We work to achieve this goal by:

Our Team

Dr Waqar Azmi OBE

Chairman and Founder

Our Team photo - Aron

Aron Môn


Elmina Kulašić

BiH Country Director

Amil Khan


Regional and Country Boards

Our 8 Regional and 3 Country Boards help us to achieve our aims by organising and coordinating memorial events in their areas. All the boards are comprised of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers – inspired by the lessons from Srebrenica to strengthen their communities across the UK.

Academic Advisory Board

In 2018, Remembering Srebrenica formed it’s first Academic Advisory Board to help provide support and guidance for Remembering Srebrenica’s resources, statements and education.


I'm honoured to be a patron of Remembering Srebrenica and I have had the opportunity over the last few years, on a number of occasions, to meet with the survivors of that terrible genocide and it's completely harrowing listening to their experiences, as to what happened to their community. We must not forget the injustices, the inhumanity that was shown to the people of Srebrenica.




Martin Bell OBE


Bianca Jagger


Angus Robertson



Robert McNeil MBE


Oliver Kamm

Amil Khan