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The Courage to Start Over: Amra Dautović

Amra Dautović came to the UK as a child refugee during the Bosnian War. Arriving to the country without speaking a word of English she now has a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, as well as a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology. Amra is now the Managing Director of the My Time Richmond Fellowship Division and has won several awards for her efforts and contribution to Mental Health work. Although she says her biggest achievement is her family, especially her two young children that she hopes to raise with knowledge and pride of their family heritage and origin. This is her story.

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Una Srabović-Ryan

Una Srabović-Ryan is a British Bosnian whose biological father was killed in the Srebrenica genocide. She was adopted at 6 months and moved with her adoptive family at the age of 5 to the UK. In 2016 she went to Australia to meet her biological mother. It was during her time there that she learnt of her father’s name and saw his picture for the first time.

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