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Children Reached In Memorial Week In 2021
Educational Activities Throughout Memorial Week In 2021

All children have a right to learn what actually happened and not to bring up new generations full of hatred.

Nedžad Avdić, Srebrenica survivor

Remember, Learn, Pledge

Remembering Srebrenica is committed to educating young people about the Srebrenica genocide and the valuable lessons that we must learn for our own communities.

We have developed a range of free resources which are available for free download, explore the links below to find the resources that would best suit your needs.

Lessons for Primary Schools

Our ‘Lessons from Srebrenica’ visits programme aims to teach UK citizens about the importance of standing up to hatred and intolerance and using the lessons of Srebrenica to bring together their local community. Participants of the programme leave the UK as delegates and come back as community champions, inspired to make a difference to society here in the UK.

Commemorate the 26th Anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica by delivering this assembly on July 11th. The assembly tells the story of Viktor, a young boy forced to leave his home during the Bosnian War. Based on the book ‘Gleam and Glow’ by Eve Bunting, this assembly focuses on the ‘differences’ and concludes that our differences should be cherished as they make our communities stronger.

This pack contains age-appropriate workshops for KS1, Lower KS2, and upper KS2. These workshops focus on the lessons that can be learned from Srebrenica – the importance and value of diversity within our community.


With students, create a Srebrenica Flower as shown in the pictures. Ask students to draw around their hand and write messages of peace and hope for the future. Encourage students to think about their own communities and their knowledge of the wider world to write their messages. Once completed, bring the hands together around a green circle to create the Srebrenica flower.

The genocide in Srebrenica should never be forgotten. It teaches us a painful lesson about where hatred can lead. I strongly urge all schools to educate and commemorate. Children are our future and the prize of peace rests with them.

Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary, NEU

Secondary School Resources

After the war and genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina, survivors were faced with the hardship of continuing their lives after genocide. This year’s theme is ‘Rebuilding Lives’ and we encourage schools to engage with not only exploring what happened in Bosnia, but the long-lasting impact of genocide on those who survived, on refugees from the region, and the relevant links with the modern day international issues.

6 Lessons PSHE Pack

Were the UN Safe Areas Really Safe?
Lesson Pack

10 Stages of Genocide Workshop

Stage 3 Resources

Every Action Matters Commemoration Assembly

Commemorate the 29th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide by delivering the Primary Assembly on the 11th July. The Assembly tells the story of Viktor, a young boy forced to leave his home during the Bosnian War. Based on the book ‘Gleam and Glow’ by Eve Bunting, this assembly discusses ‘differences’ and concludes that our differences should be cherished as they make our communities stronger.

Every Action Matters - Remote Learning

Through the Eyes of Children Lesson Plan

Poetry Lesson Plan

8372 Flower Display guide

We Are One Tournament

Request a Speaker

Lessons from Srebrenica Visits Programme

Our ‘Lessons From Srebrenica’ educational visits programme seeks to inspire people to take action in their UK communities that will help to create a better, safer and stronger society.
We aim to motivate people of all ages to strengthen their communities by challenging hatred and intolerance. We do this by remembering the worst crime in Europe since the Second World War. More than 8,000 mainly Bosnian Muslim men and boys were systematically murdered, just for who they were.

Remembering Srebrenica has created over 1500 community champions through our delegations who have pledged to stand up to hatred and intolerance and spread the Lessons from Srebrenica to their communities to encourage cohesion.

Virtual Delegation Programme

Remembering Srebrenica has partnered with De Montfort University to deliver a 6-week online course to allow people to learn the lessons from Srebrenica, to hear the testimony of survivors, and to be trained in how to develop their skills in community activism. We will be announcing further details in 2024.

Lessons from Srebrenica

Run to Remember

Remembering Srebrenica are looking for volunteers to represent us at 5kms, 10kms, Half or Full Marathons anywhere in the UK. Taking part in an organised

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Ron Turnbull – A Detective’s Bosnian Assignment

Ron Turnbull, Head of the Evidence Unit, Office of the Prosecutor, UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia [ICTY], The Hague, Netherlands, 2002 – 2007 [Retired], recounts what it was like working in Bosnia as part of the forensics team collecting evidence of the genocide.

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