Moving Stories: Safet Vukalic

Watch this incredible video made by young people about forced migration, featuring the story of Safet Vukalic, who had to leave Bosnia due to the campaign of ethnic cleansing in the early 1990s.

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Lessons from Srebrenica; Forensic experts return to Bosnia

A group of Forensic experts returned to Bosnia 20 years after the first mass graves were excavated. As well as returning to Visoko, where they were based, they visited Sarajevo and the Potocari Memorial Centre where over 6,000 victims are buried. Here three of them talk about the experience.

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Lessons from Srebrenica; Welsh delegation, August 2016

A delegation of Welsh politicians, journalists and teachers travelled from Wales to Bosnia in August 2016 on the “Lessons from Srebrenica” programme. In this video four of the delegates talk about what the experience means to them and what lessons they’ll take back to their country.

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