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Una Srabović-Ryan

Una Srabović-Ryan is a British Bosnian whose biological father was killed in the Srebrenica genocide. She was adopted at 6 months and moved with her adoptive family at the age of 5 to the UK. In 2016 she went to Australia to meet her biological mother. It was during her time there that she learnt of her father’s name and saw his picture for the first time.

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Mark Viner – the Radiographer returns

Mark Viner co-ordinated the radiography team assisting the forensic investigations of mass graves in Bosnia for seven years. In that time he helped uncover vital evidence to convict those who perpetrated the atrocities in Srebrenica, but also developed techniques that would help in many other disasters across the world. He returned to Srebrenica to learn more about the context and the people in October 2016 and shares his story here.

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