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Prijedor Burials – A 2nd Generation Survivor’s Reflection

29 years after they were killed, a further 12 victims discovered across 5 different mass graves will find their peace. So too will the families that have longed to find them the past three decades, at last having a white gravestone to visit. A marker to solidify their existence, however long or brief, in this world. Their future site of pilgrimage.

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The Courage to Remember: Safet Vukalić

Safet  Vukalić  was  saved  from  a concentration  camp  by  his  mother,  who  said  he  was  too  young  to  go  “with  the  men”.  Safet  came  to  the  UK  as  a  refugee  and  has  courageously  shared  his  story.

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The Courage to Testify: Nusreta Sivac

Nusreta Sivac was of 37 women taken to the infamous Omarska camp in Prijedor, and subjected to unimaginable sexual violence. Nusreta has bravely spoken out about her experience and encouraged others to do the same.

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