Hasan Nuhanović – Srebrenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hasan Nuhanović was a UN Interpreter for the Dutchbat troops stationed in Srebrenica from 1992- 1995.


“They gave me the megaphone and told me to translate. They told me to tell the refugees to start leaving the compound in groups of five.”


Hasan was present in the UN base when Bosnian Serb forces entered Srebrenica, and demanded the release of over 5,000 innocent refugees. His parents and brother had arrived in the UN base earlier, seeking shelter along with thousands of others from the continuous shelling and mortar fire from the advancing Bosnian Serb forces. Hasan’s brother, his father, and his mother were subsequently killed, with thousands of others.


Following the loss of his family, Hasan became an active campaigner for truth and justice on behalf of other survivors and relatives of the victims. Hasan has since published books on Srebrenica, and is considered an authority on the events, which saw the worst crime committed on European soil since the Second World War.