Stage 3 Resources

For Primary Schools

The Stages Toolkit offers creative exercises for primary school students (KS2) on themes like Identity, Belonging, Empathy, Equality and Social Awareness.

Build educational and life skills while encouraging young people to think critically, yet compassionately, and explore values of respect, responsibility, and collaboration.

For Secondary Schools

The online Stages Toolkit also offers 100 activities with interactive learning tools, storytelling techniques, and other drama strategies.

These include positive ways to explore the 10 Stages of Genocide: how we can identify, resist, and challenge the initial stages of exclusion and discrimination, and develop more respect for others.

Search collaborative and creative problem-solving activities below with prompts for discussions.

Search the Toolkit for:

– Curriculum Aims: exercises aligned with the UK National Curriculum Aims for 5 secondary
school subjects, click here.

– Themes: activities that explore topics like Belonging, Identity, Justice, the Media, 10 Stages
of Genocide, and Life Skills, click here

– DIY Workshops: a 3-step guide to choosing exercises to create a short workshop, click here.

– Performance Workshops: adapt the 12-minute Stage3 performance or use Stages
workshops to support young people in creating socially engaged work, click here

– Living Toolkit: how the Toolkit is being used by educators, artists and activists, click here.

If you would like support using the Toolkit, please contact Stages here.