Srebrenica Survivors – The Fog of Srebrenica

‘The Fog of Srebrenica’ is a new 60-minute film by Edinburgh-based film-maker Samir Mehanović.  It portrays  the long-term impact of the genocide through a series of interviews with men and women, whose lives were altered forever during those days.

The film tells the story of the extraordinary men and women who survived the genocide and raises serious and profound questions about the nature of human existence, war, and forgiveness.  It also tackles the failure of the international community to protect innocent civilians and offer justice to victims of war crimes.

It was first screened in Sarajevo, on 11 July – the EU-wide Srebrenica Memorial Day – and shown on BBC World on the same day. Samir has kindly given Remembering Srebrenica permission to publish a shorter version on the film on our website. Produced by Paradiso Films Documentaries Ltd and directed by Samir Mehanovic, the 10-minute film which you can watch here was first screened on BBC Newsnight on 10 July 2015.