Aida Sehović

The public are encouraged to interact with the installation by placing a coffee cup on the floor, and filling it with the Bosnian coffee.
Aida believes this “shared ritual allows for constant recreation, reinterpretation, and reproduction of personal and public memory”.
The installation was first hosted in Sarajevo in 2004 with 1,327 cups, corresponding to the number of victims that had been identified and reburied that year.

When I was trying to imagine what the families from Srebrenica must be going through, I kept thinking about this famous Bosnian song in my head. It’s an old, beautiful song called ‘Sto the nema?’, which translates into English as both ‘Where are you?’ and ‘Why are you not here?’

Aida hopes the project will continue, as long as there is a desire, interest and the need to remember what happened in Srebrenica.