Gender and Genocide Resources

1) honour the courage and resilience of the women of Bosnia-Herzegovina and highlight how their work is contributing to rebuilding of a country still living with the consequences of hatred.

2) explore how genocide in Bosnia was gendered, paying particular attention to the victims of wartime sexual violence and rape.

3) show the significant contributions of women to seeking truth and justice for the genocide, and challenging denial.


Remembering and honouring the women of Bosnia is a powerful way to commemorate the genocide. Through the resources below, you can create an event which will:

We suggest that you consider using our presentation and video which will help to explain to your audience the use of rape as a weapon of genocide and ethnic cleansing:




Incorporating a Pledge to Remember towards the end of your event is a brilliant way of getting participation from attendees, by ether reading the pledge aloud or lighting candles.

One of the most impactful ways to engage attendees with Srebrenica is through survivor testimony. We recommend that you honour their brave testimonies by sharing their stories through our event videos.

Sharing the stories from the women of Bosnia is another ideal way through which you can honour their struggles. Here are some of their remarkable stories (click on the image below):

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Dr Janine Clark, University of Birmingham, has provided an excellent 15 video presentation to Remembering Srebrenica on “Remembering the survivors of rape and sexual violence”. This resource would be an excellent addition to a Srebrenica memorial day on the theme of Gender and Genocide. Please note the presentation contains accounts of rape and torture.

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