Film Screening Resources

A film screening event can be a powerful way to raise awareness of the impact of hatred and intolerance. Here are some suggestions – but please make sure you comply with any copyright requirements. If you are considering hosting a film screening to mark Srebrenica Memorial Day, please contact

One of the most impactful ways to engage attendees with Srebrenica is through survivor testimony. We recommend that you honour their brave testimonies by sharing their stories through our event videos.


Halima’s Path

For feature length films, this year we are promoting the acclaimed and multiple award-winning “Halima’s Path”, in fitting with our theme “Breaking the Silence: Gender and Genocide”. Email directly if you are interested in screening Halima’s Path.

Here you can watch the trailer:


Here is the introductory speech

If you would like to consider screening other films, please see additional suggestions here:

Films about Bosnia

To get inspired and see how others have marked Srebrenica memorial day through film, take a look at our case studies here:

Manchester film screening highlights violence against women
Yorkshire Movie screening marks genocide anniversary


Please contact to register your event