Untold Killing Podcast Third Webinar: 25th November 2020

In the third and final webinar on the Untold Killing podcast, we were joined by Jake Warren (Founder of Message Heard), Emir Suljagić (Director of Srebrenica Memorial Centre and Survivor), Dr David Pettigrew (Professor of Philosophy and Bosnian Genocide Expert), Amil Khan (Director of Remembering Srebrenica), and Arnesa Buljušmić-Kustura (Survivor and Deputy Director of Communications and Commemorations). 


The panel discussed the theme and challenge of genocide denialism that continues today, as well as how and why this must be tackled. Director Amil Khan also discussed the wider work of Remembering Srebrenica and why it was imperative to educate on the lessons of Srebrenica. Jake Warren also shared his thoughts on how you approach telling the story of the genocide in a way that empowers survivors and allows them to tell their own stories in a supported way. The panelists also discussed the power and debates over public memorials in Bosnia Herzegovina today and how this relates to reconciliation models.