Untold Killing Podcast First Webinar: 30th October 2020

Remembering Srebrenica held a series of 3 virtual events surrounding the creation and launch of their new podcast ‘Untold Killing’, co-produced with Message Heard. These webinars aimed to discuss the episodes with a mixture of survivors, experts and those involved in the production of the podcast.

The first of the three webinars featured Jakub Otajovic (Message Heard Producer), Elmina Kulašić (Remembering Srebrenica BiH Country Director), Aida Salkić-Haughton (Genocide expert, Survivor and Remembering Srebrenica Ambassador), and Kate Williams (Remembering Srebrenica Deputy Director for Education and Operations and Podcast Consultant). The panel discussed their own roles within the production of the podcast, their experiences of the genocide before, as well as how their outlook and understanding of the genocide had changed through the project. The panelists also discussed the relevance of the lessons of Srebrenica to the issue of hate crime within the UK and throughout the world. Jakub also spoke about the process of speaking and listening to survivors tell their testimonies.