The Nuremberg International Round Table

The Nuremberg Academy is one of the most important institutions that has been established to bring leaders together across the globe to talk about international criminal justice. This particularly focuses on upholding the Nuremberg principles, which are the glue in promoting international justice when it comes to prosecuting leaders and heads of government who have committed crimes against humanity or genocide.

Dr Waqar Azmi OBE, Chairman of Remembering Srebrenica, spoke at the Nuremberg Round Table last month. He said:
“We were delighted to participate in such a prestigious event along with other international NGOs from countries across the globe, such as Iraq, the USA and Cambodia. It’s wonderful that Remembering Srebrenica was part of that round table discussion where we talked about the importance of prosecuting those who have committed crimes, why this is necessary for reconciliation processes and the importance of learning lessons and not forgetting.”

The contributions of all the participants will now be put together in a book which will be published by the Nuremberg Academy. That will be made available around the world for political leaders and other key institutions to help shape policy.