Statement on the Manchester Terrorist Attack from our North West Chair

As North West Regional Chair for Remembering Srebrenica, myself, the rest of the board and wider organisation are united in our condemnation of the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the thousands of young people and their families who hoped to gather for a night of joy and celebration but which turned into tragedy and changed many lives forever. I join with those who are grieving, scared and traumatised.

Events such as this have the power to tear people and communities apart. The intent of the terrorist is always to destabilise, destroy and create fear. We must resist and not let the fear spread across our communities.

Kindness Amongst the Chaos

Amid the violence and horror of last night, were also hundreds of acts of kindness and good. From our incredible emergency services who risk their lives to save others, to the taxi drivers giving out free rides to ensure people got home safely, to the people of Manchester who opened their homes, and hearts, to people in need.


This is the alternative message of solidarity, hope and defiance we must seek.  The Manchester I know is one of community, resilience, unity and strength. Manchester has faced terror attacks before, and once again, we will not let this defeat us.

In the words of our Mayor, Andy Burnham “We are grieving but we are strong”.


Elinor Chohan, Remembering Srebrenica North West England Regional Chair




Communities across the UK have shown great resilience and generosity of spirit in coming together in the aftermath of the shocking attack on the Manchester Arena.  Britain has a strong and proud tradition of tolerance and this attack will not change that. 

The Department for Communities and Local Government have issued some practical advice and support for Community Leaders following the attack in Manchester on how to reach out and strengthen community ties.  Please take a moment to read through the advice here: Communities supporting one another.