Chair of Remembering Srebrenica Addresses Head Teachers’ Conference

Chair of Remembering Srebrenica Scotland, the Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood attended the School Leaders Scotland Conference with fellow board member Amra Mujkanovic last week where they spoke to 150 Head Teachers from across the country. They talked about the lessons that can be learned from the genocide in Bosnia and the importance of engaging children with tackling hatred and living together well.

To help engage more schools with our work, Ruth McKay, Head Teacher from Portobello High School, where Remembering Srebrenica Scotland launched their education packs for the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence last year, was also there to answer questions from colleagues about the success of using the materials.

Education packs were handed out to all attendees and we look forward to many more schools educating their students on this vital topic.

Amra Mujkanovic said afterwards: “It was great to be able to introduce so many Head Teachers to Remembering Srebrenica’s education packs and make contacts with schools so that more Scottish children will learn the importance of cherishing differences and rejecting hatred at an early age. I already have a few invitations to do assemblies and cannot wait to start.”