Remembering Srebrenica welcomes anti-Muslim hate crime initiative

The charity’s chairman Dr Waqar Azmi OBE, pictured above, hailed David Cameron’s commitment to record anti-Muslim offences as a separate category of hate crime as a significant move to challenge hatred and intolerance in the UK.

This brings Islamophobia in line with attacks targeting Jewish people, which have been recorded separately for some time. It comes ahead of the publication of yearly hate crime statistics. The move is designed to create a better understanding of where and when anti-Muslim offences happen.

Remembering Srebrenica works to help UK citizens learn the lessons from 1995’s genocide at Srebrenica, in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The atrocity is recognised as the worst crime on European soil since the Second World War.

Dr Azmi said:

Hatred not only affects individuals but can destroy communities and nations – Srebrenica teaches us this. Over 8,000 Muslim men and boys were systematically murdered by people who hated them for their beliefs and who they were.

“Our Government’s action to record anti-Muslim hate crimes is to be welcomed. No community should suffer hatred and attacks because of their religion or belief. This move will help to create a better picture of what is happening on our streets. In turn, it should help all those working with our communities create and deliver policies and actions to help create a better and safer society for everyone.”

Remembering Srebrenica organises memorial community action events and runs an educational visits programme which takes UK citizens to Srebrenica to speak to genocide survivors and families affected by the atrocity.

Following their experience, visitors pledge to take action in their communities with projects to help raise awareness in the UK of the genocide and its consequences, whilst helping to strengthen British society against the threats posed by hatred and intolerance.