Remembering Srebrenica Condemns Višegrad Scenes

Remembering Srebrenica strongly condemns the deplorable actions that were on display during a gathering of supporters of the far-right Chetnik paramilitary in Višegrad who came together to commemorate the arrest of their founder Draža Mihailović.
Dressed in uniform, supporters were heard chanting songs containing shocking words such as “there will be hell, the Drina will be bloody, here come the Chetniks from the Serb mountains”, a gross reference to the awful atrocities that were committed against Bosniaks during the war where they were killed and their bodies dumped into the Drina river.

The glorification of fascism and the promotion of vile hatred and nationalistic rhetoric has no place in society. This was a deliberate act of provocation that sought to intimidate and humiliate Bosniaks and reignite painful past experiences. It was deeply disturbing to see such unedifying scenes that have caused considerable distress for so many in Bosnia and Herzegovina and across the world, and this shameful event serves as a powerful reminder of the challenge that still exists when it comes to combating hatred and extremism.

We welcome the fact that so many international organisations have joined together to condemn such actions and hope that the authorities will launch a full investigation and take action against those responsible for such disgraceful behaviour.