Remembering Srebrenica Comment on the desecration of the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial

We are absolutely disgusted that a bag of pig entrails was left at the Srebrenica genocide memorial on Orthodox Christmas Eve followed by the singing of fascist songs. This stands in contrast with the true meaning of Christmas, being that of love and unity.
This vile, Islamophobic behaviour is not an isolated event, but comes against a backdrop of denial of the Srebrenica genocide by the Serbian Prime Minister and the Bosnian-Serb President. It is clear this revisionist history and failure to face up to the past leads to more pain and suffering for survivors of the genocide, who have already experienced the worst of humanity.

This action seeks to threaten, intimidate and dehumanise the survivors of Srebrenica who have bravely returned to the homes they were “ethnically cleansed” from. For many of the survivors, the memorial is a sacred and holy place. It is all they have left of their loved ones, whose lives were so viciously taken in unimaginable hatred.

We deplore those who commit such sickening acts and continue to promote hatred and division. Anyone who believes in human dignity should condemn this act. Silence only encourages the oppressor and we must speak out when human dignity is in jeopardy to help create a better tomorrow for our children and families.