New BBC Documentary Reveals Srebrenica Genocide Survivor's Struggle Against Denial

BBC’s flagship programme Newsnight sent a film crew out to Srebrenica last month to interview genocide Survivor, Dr Nedžad Avdić, about his experiences in 1995 and his ongoing fight for justice and truth.

The powerful and emotional film includes Dr Avdić returning to the mass execution site at Petkovici Dam, where he and one other man were the only survivors out of over a thousand men and boys, as well as film of his family talking about living in a region where denial of the genocide is rife.


The programme also spoke to the Bosnian Serb Mayor of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujičić, who, despite witness testimonies and the painstakingly gathered DNA evidence of atrocities, denies that genocide took place in the town and also considers convicted war criminal Radovan Karadžić to be a hero.


He also talks disturbingly of his desire for Republika Srpska to secede from Bosnia-Herzegovina and become part of Serbia, therefore completing the process of ethnic cleansing started in the 1990s.

A longer version of the film will be shown on Our World on BBC News channel on Saturday evening at 9:30pm.