Muslim and Jewish Faith Leaders to Learn the Lessons of Srebrenica Genocide Together

A group of senior Jewish and Muslim faith leaders are travelling to Bosnia-Herzegovina to take part in an interfaith visit to the site of the worst atrocity on European soil since World War Two.  The visit is being run in continued cooperation between the charities, Remembering Srebrenica and the Joseph Interfaith Foundation.

The Imams and Rabbis, who come from some of the largest Mosques and Synagogues in London, will travel to Srebrenica to hear from survivors of the genocide and relatives of the victims to learn from the past in order to strengthen community ties in the UK.

The ‘Lessons from Srebrenica’ visit is one part of Remembering Srebrenica’s educational programme, with their work in schools having benefitted over 50,000 children in the past four years. This has included lessons on the Holocaust and the Srebrenica genocide being delivered by the Joseph Interfaith Foundation.


Mehri Niknam MBE, the Executive Director of the Joseph Interfaith Foundation, who is leading the delegation of faith leaders to Srebrenica, said:

“One of the major aims of the visit is to enable the Imams and Rabbis to learn as a group the suffering of the Muslim victims of genocide in Bosnia, and to share the lessons of the genocide of the Jewish people in the Holocaust. We hope that this sharing and understanding of human suffering regardless of religion or race will further enhance their commitment to work jointly in confronting prejudice and misunderstanding wherever it may be”.

Chair of Remembering Srebrenica, Dr Waqar Azmi OBE said:

“Faith leaders have played a major role in commemorating Srebrenica this year, with nearly 100 Mosques and 26 Synagogues marking the 22nd anniversary of the genocide. These interfaith commemorations, along with this important visit, send a powerful message that communities can unite in collective acts of commemoration and remember our shared humanity, truly showing how much we have in common.”