White Armband Day 2018

On Wednesday 30th May, Remembering Srebrenica Scotland held an event at the Scottish Parliament to learn about the Srebrenica Genocide in to commemorate White Armband Day.

White Armband Day, is marked by Bosnian communities across the world on 31st May, not only to remember the victims of persecution in Prijedor but also to raise awareness of continuing human rights violations taking place in the area presently.
To this day, local authorities in Prijedor have refused to permit the construction of a memorial for the innocent civilian victims killed in the notorious concentration camp at Omarska or a memorial to the children that were killed in the war.

Picture by Lesley Martin
30 May 2018
Remembering Srebrenica – Acts of Courage, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh.
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This event was sponsored by Kezia Dugdale MSP and Gail Ross MSP. Attendees heard from Dr Nedžad Avdić, a survivor of the Srebrenica genocide and Dr Waqar Azmi OBE who is the Chair of Remembering Srebrenica Scotland’s sister charity – Remembering Srebrenica.
Pupils from Braes High School Falkirk shared their experiences of using material from the charity.