International Women’s Day: Bosnian Women’s Rights and Plight during and post genocide

To mark International Women’s Day, Remembering Srebrenica hosted an online webinar with a discussion on the role and implications of gender during and after the Bosnian genocide. Joining the event were, Aida A. Hozic (Associate Professor of International Relations and Associate Chair of Political Science at the University of Florida), Riada Asimovic Akyol (A Bosnian journalist based in Washington D.C., creator and host of audio and video podcast “Dignified Resilience”), and Amra Pandžo (lecturer and human rights activist based in Sarajevo who has over 20 years of experience in peace building and post-conflict resolutions). 

The event was chaired by Remembering Srebrenica’s Deputy Director for Commemoration and Communications, Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustura. The discussion focused on how a specific gendered lens of violence was utilised during the genocide, including the calculated mass rape of over 50,000 women, as well as how women have occupied a key and unique position in the role of post-conflict rebuilding, reconciliation, and justice. The panel also discussed how contemporary gender norms and practices have shaped, and in some cases restricted, discussions on the specific violence and traumas faced by women during the genocide.