Empowering Young People to Change the World Conference

On Friday 27th April, Remembering Srebrenica was delighted to be able to present at the annual Empowering Young People to Change the World Conference (EYPtCtW) at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy (RWBA) in Wiltshire. Coordinated by Dr Nicola Wetherall MBE, RWBA delivers a unique Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Programme to all pupils and is dedicated to empowering young people to change the world through citizenship, charitable endeavours and creative means. Beyond this, RWBA provides continuing professional development opportunities for teachers across the country.

The EYPtCtW Conference is one such opportunity, uniting teachers in a  two day event to hear from inspirational speakers on topics which this year included Holocaust Education Pedagogy, Values Based Schools, Majority Power and making genocide education accessible and meaningful for students today.

Remembering Srebrenica was delighted to attend and deliver a talk on educating about Srebrenica to create global citizens of the future. It was an excellent opportunity to share our work, resources and initiatives for commemorating memorial week in July 2018. If you would like more information on educating your students about Srebrenica, visit https://www.srebrenica.org.uk/education/ for free downloadable resources.

In addition to the conference, RWBA hosts a gala dinner to recognise the fantastic efforts of students, teachers, organisations and survivors.  It was wonderful to meet many of the students who were recognised for active global citizenship, contribution to charity and creation of a Holocaust memorial, to name just a few. Remembering Srebrenica was honoured to receive special thanks with the citation:

Remembering Srebrenica – for providing a powerful CPD and citizenship opportunity for our Lead teacher. Miss Wetherall and her partner were able to travel to Bosnia; visiting Sarajevo and Srebrenica which has richly informed the programme at the school. Since the visit we have been delighted to partner by hosting Amra Mujkanovic for a workshop with Maddog Rugby Academy. In addition they are participating at our conference. So with thanks, we acknowledge them today for their outreach and endeavours, working to educate about the consequences of hate.”