Commemorating the Bosnian Genocide through Inter-Faith Dialogue

To mark Inter-faith Week, Remembering Srebrenica hosted a virtual event on the importance of interfaith and faith activities and communication, to help build understanding, compassionate, and stronger communities. The event comprised of a panel of key inter-faith organisers speaking about their own experiences of organising inter-faith events, engaging their communities, and using the lessons from Srebrenica to fight against discrimination and prejudice. The panelists were Julie Siddiqi MBE (consultant, gender equality campaigner and founder of the Big Iftah, who focuses on Jewish-Muslim relations), Elinor Chohan MBE (NW Remembering Srebrenica board chair and Trustee of Muslim Heritage Centre), and Lucy Adams (NE Remembering Srebrenica board chair). As well as each panel sharing their experiences, the audience was invited for a Q&A to ask any questions they had about organising their own interfaith events and what the impact of these events and dialogues has been.