146 Teachers Learn Lessons from Srebrenica Community Champions

Srebrenica Community Champions Niparun Nessa, Shaheena Khan and Kauser Jan spoke to teachers from all over the country about our work to tackle hatred at the NUT Black Teachers conference in November.

Niparun spoke to the whole conference about the inspirational Remembering Srebrenica education resources developed in partnership with the PSHE Association as well as giving a summary of what she had seen and learned on the NUT ‘Lessons from Srebrenica’ delegation.

There was more time to discuss their experiences and give more information on the subject when our Champions gave workshops. The resources were very well received by all the teachers who attended and demand for education packs was so high that website links were provided for all the people that weren’t able to get one on the day.

Reflecting on the conference, Niparun said:

“The workshop sessions flew by and one hour wasn’t enough with the amount of discussion going on. People have heard of Yugoslavia, but didn’t know much about Bosnia and the war there.

“This was a vital opportunity to get more teachers involved with learning the lessons from Srebrenica and demonstrating what can happen if we don’t tackle hatred and intolerance.”