Memorial Week 2015 – TV & Radio

The 20th anniversary commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide in the UK was covered by major broadcasters around the world. Here is a selection of coverage from Srebrenica Memorial Week:

Srebrenica massacre marked by Westminster Abbey service
BBC Online

Nedžad Avdić: ‘I could see the men and boys falling’
BBC Radio 4 – Today

Edinburgh service remembers Srebrenica victims

BBC Scotland

Remembering Srebrenica – Westminster Abbey and Memorial Week

BBC Scotland – Good Morning Scotland

Scotland Memorial Service: Nedžad Avdić testimony and Lorna Hood ‘Thought for the Day’
BBC Scotland – Good Morning Scotland

Scotland Memorial Service: Rt Rev Angus Morrison talks about the Srebenica massacre
BBC Scotland – Good Morning Scotland

Kris Holland: Remembering Srebrenica – 20 years on
BBC Radio Five Live – Breakfast

Remembering Srebrenica – the 20th anniversary
BBC Northampton

Remembering Srebrenica – commemorating the 20th anniversary

BBC BRISTOL – Manny Masih

BBC DERBY – Satvinder Rana

BBC LEEDS – Mussy Abbasi


Memorial service on 20th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre

STV News

Srebrenica massacre victims remembered 20 years on
ITV News

Senedd hosts memorial service for 20th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide
ITV Wales

Northampton ceremony marks 20 years since atrocity

ITV Central News

Birmingham to remember Srebrenica massacre

ITV Central News

Srebrenica massacre: stories of war crimes still taboo 20 years on

Channel 4 News

Srebrenica massacre: the unfinished business
Channel 4

Srebrenica Genocide Marked At Westminster Abbey
Sky News

Srebrenica Massacre remembered at Westminster Abbey
Forces TV (BFBS)

The Report: Srebrenica genocide 20 years on
Islam Channel

Westminster Abbey service held to remember thousands killed in Srebrenica 20 years ago
Fox News

Service held in UK to remember Srebrenica massacre victims
ABC News

UK: 1.4 million euros for spreading the truth about Srebrenica
Al-Jazeera Balkans (Croatian language)

London: A unique support for the resolution on Srebrenica
Al-Jazeera Balkans (Croatian language)

Unique support for the resolution on Srebrenica
Al-Jazeera Balkans (Croatian language)

Srebrenica memorial held at the Westminster Abbey 20 years on

UK’s Ministry of Defence celebrates Ramzan, praises Muslims community

British PM Cameron: We must never forget Srebrenica
Video News US