Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens)

“The events at Srebrenica were a turning point in the course of the Bosnian war. It woke up the world to push through an agreement no matter how distasteful or half-baked.

The voices of the slain men, young and old were still echoing loudly behind the picturesque hills that witnessed this terrible and bloody deed. The politicians could no longer pretend to turn a deaf ear.

I have composed an instrumental to mark Srebrenica Memorial Day. A haunting melody in my mind seemed to me to call out the name, ‘Srebrenica’—though I left it unsaid. In my entire recording career I have written only a half dozen instrumentals, but sometimes an instrumental is enough. You don’t need words or lyrics, the music paints its own story. No one who saw or heard about what happened at Srebrenica could help but be moved. Even now, it is difficult to describe.

In Srebrenica the only escape for the victims on that day was to return to God. May He welcome and bless them all with the eternal greeting of Peace.”