Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, Former Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

I am proud that the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has been able to support the work of Remembering Srebrenica in all that it has done to commemorate the genocide in Bosnia but also through its work in the United Kingdom.

Courage comes in many forms. Whether that is the courage to speak out against murder and sexual violence, the courage to protect one’s neighbours, the courage of survivors to give their testimonies. Without these acts of courage, we may never have known the full scale of the atrocities committed 23 years ago.

I would like to send my very best wishes and appreciation to each and everyone one of Remembering Srebrenica’s more than 1,1000 Community Champions, from across the country who bring the lessons learned from Srebrenica closer to home. 

Through the inspirational work of the Community Champions, we can make genocide is never forgotten, that the victims’ memories are honoured, and their acts of courage are recognised.