His Excellency, President Željko Komšić

Dear all, I would like to use the opportunity to thank Remembering Srebrenica as well as the United Kingdom Government for everything they have been doing to preserve the memory of Srebrenica victims and Srebrenica genocide, as people who are coming from a friendly country and whose support and help in preserving the memory of Srebrenica genocide means a lot. I would like to say that everything that had actually occurred in Srebrenica in July of ’95. with a significant silence from international actors who were at the moment able to stop everything that has been prepared and that happened and what Bosnians and Herzegovinians paid with their own lives is a central point of genocide, not just only in Srebrenica, but in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a central point, Srebrenica is a central point of a crime against the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina but also a central point of an anti-civilisation act we thought would never happen after World War Two.


 To preserve the memory of everything that happened, showing respect to victims of war, is not to forget in the name of the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina everything Bosnia and Herzegovina, the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but first of all the families of Srebrenica victims have gone through is a responsibility not only for Bosnia and Herzegovina, but a civilisation responsibility of every good person in this world. In that sense, everything that has been done for remembering Srebrenica is important, and unfortunately this year marks 25 years since that act of genocide happened. 


25 years and we can say that not all criminals were brought to justice, not all criminals are reachable to the hand of justice. We haven’t learnt anything from World War Two and it happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the end of the last century. Let’s at least learn now, as humans, not only as Bosnians and Herzegovinians so it never happens anywhere else in the world. Once again, with my gratitude to Remembering Srebrenica, a special thank you goes to the United Kingdom Government, in the name of Bosnia and Herzegovina, people affected by this and all good people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thank you.