Commander Mak Chishty

My visit to Srebrenica was a sad, sobering and daunting experience. It showed the true horror and barbaric act of genocide thousands of innocent and frightened people. People who were forcibly separated from their families and led to their immediate deaths.

Stories from their mothers’ recounting having to let go of their young sons and husbands told with sadness and strength. This was humbling and difficult to receive without feeling emotional. I remember looking into the eyes of these elderly women and just seeing sheer emptiness and despite their enormous dignity it was obvious they are living now of their precious memories.

One such elderly lady pulled me towards her, slightly excited and took a very old and worn wallet. She pointed to some faded photographs and though the universal language of expression we communicated. I could see how proud she was in pointing out her two very handsome young sons and her dear husband – all of whom had been killed.

This is all she has now.


This all happened in 1995.

This should never happen again.

I am privileged to have visited Srebrenica and will do my best to raise awareness to prevent this happening to any community anywhere in the world ever again.