Resources for Police

Working with police is becoming an important feature of our work at Remembering Srebrenica, and we welcome the support from the National Police Chiefs’ Council, who have encouraged constabularies across the UK to mark the genocide.

In order to support police in commemorating the Srebrenica genocide, we have created a tool that can be used as a presentation or a workshop, linking hate crime and some of the 10 stages of genocide, so that police officers, control room workers, as well as cadets can learn from Bosnia, and understand how forms of hatred can intersect and compound each other in the UK.

The workshop and presentation is especially relevant for police in the UK context, and is designed to provoke thought and potentially open discussion. You can use this as an educational tool, and also on Srebrenica memorial day, the 11th July:


We know that many forces and constabularies across the UK are marking the 11th July as Srebrenica Memorial Day. For resources other than the hate crime presentation, consider using some of the following materials:


One of the most impactful ways to engage people with Srebrenica is through survivor testimony. Honour their brave testimonies by sharing their stories through our event videos, which will be available shortly.

Many police forces wish to hold a public event and welcome members of different faith communities to attend. If appropriate for you, consider using elements of our interfaith resources below which you can download here:


We can provide free booklets, and we also have flags available for a fee; to register your event or to request a flag, please email so we can support you.