Remembering Srebrenica has produced educational workshops and assemblies to teach similarities and differences using stories and practical activities. These resources are specifically designed for use with primary age children and make no explicit mention of the Srebrenica genocide. Instead they focus on the lessons which we can learn from the events of 1995.


 Primary Assembly

Commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide by delivering the Primary Assembly on the 11th July. The Assembly tells the story of Viktor, a young boy forced to leave his home during the Bosnian War. Based on the book ‘Gleam and Glow’ by Eve Bunting, this assembly discusses ‘differences’ and concludes that our differences should be cherished as they make our communities stronger.

 Primary Lesson plans

Lesson plans available for KS1, lower and upper KS2. Primary Education resources focus on the lessons that can be learned from Srebrenica by opening up discussions around similarities and differences. All workshops are activity or story based, using stories such as ‘The Sandwich Swap’ and ‘Tusk Tusk’ to address similarities and differences. Use these resources in Srebrenica memorial week 2017.

 8372 Football

All schools and football groups are invited to take part in the 8372 Srebrenica Memorial Football Tournament, playing a match of football in memory of the 8372 victims of the Srebrenica genocide. Simply read the provided speech and hold a minute of silence before kick off.  We hope your school will join this powerful opportunity for young people to come together through sport to consider the possible outcomes of racism, intolerance and division.