Local Commemorations – Bringing Communities Together

In addition to our UK and national community action events, local commemorations are organised by our dedicated and tireless Community Champions, in partnership with our Regional Boards. Action in the community recognise that real change is made at a local level – by bringing people from all parts of the community together to share experiences with a shared determination to create a more equal and cohesive society with diversity at its heart.


In 2016 we are very proud to say that we have had more Srebrenica memorial community action than ever before, with over 180 events, and nearly 20,000 people in attendance throughout the UK. Every region in the UK commemorated the genocide, and we have been reaching out to increasingly diverse communities. You can read some case studies of our 2016 events to help inspire you to put on your own here.


This year’s Memorial Week saw a fantastic diversification of faith and interfaith community action, deeper and more widespread engagement with the Bosnian communities in Britain, a threefold increase of commemorations in local councils, and a truly remarkable impact on schools with 10,000 children having the opportunity to learn about Srebrenica. From peace marches to peace concerts, from film screenings to fundraising dinners, this year our Community Champions excelled themselves with very high-quality community action events that truly brought different members of their communities together to commemorate the genocide. See this gallery of images from this year’s local community action and read case studies of some of the events held here.


We have received amazing feedback this year, including these inspiring reflections from one of our Community Champions:


“My skills delegating and organising community action have been massively improved as a result of this event and through my overall experience with Remembering Srebrenica. Furthermore, my confidence in dealing with issues of a sensitive or complex nature has been improved and I now believe I possess a more specialist set of skills. I was honoured to be asked to host this event and that was a huge task for me. It required me to challenge and push myself into something I may have previously avoided and now means that I am more comfortable in public speaking. In addition, on a personal level, I really feel that I am blessed to be involved with Remembering Srebrenica and I am a more humble, kind and understanding person as a result.”


Nearly half of the people who organised an event this July had been on our ‘Lessons from Srebrenica’ Programme in the last year, so we look forward to working with more delegates next year, as they return from Bosnia inspired to engage and educate the British public on Srebrenica. Many event organisers are inspired for other reasons, too, such as personal connections to Bosnia, interfaith work or a desire to get more involved in bringing their community together.


If you would like to organise a Memorial Event in 2017, please get in touch with events@srebrenica.org.uk and look at this page containing resources to help you. Memorial Week will take place between 9th and 16th July next year with Srebrenica Memorial Day on Tuesday 11th July.

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