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Manchester Jewish and Muslim communities mark Srebrenica anniversary
Jewish News, July 2020

University lecturer who part of the NATO Peacekeeping after the Srebrenica genocide reflects on the 25th anniversary
The Northern Echo, July 2020

Bromsgrove community comes together to Remember Srebrenica
Bromsgrove Standard, July 2020

Thurrock marks the 25th anniversary of the massacre at Srebrenica
Your Thurrock, July 2020

Redbridge council leader plants memorial tree for Srebrenica victims at Valentines Park
Ilford Recorder, July 2020

Wirral remembers Srebrenica: 25th anniversary commemorations
Wirral Globe, July 2020

By commemorating the Srebrenica genocide, we can help ensure its victims are never forgotten
Politics Home, July 2020

Flags flown in Newham to mark 25th anniversary of Srebrenica
Newham Recorder, July 2020

Redbridge Tower Hamlets Newham and Barking and Dagenham figures come together to mark 25th anniversary of Srebrenica
Ilford Recorder, July 2020

Redbridge Tower Hamlets Newham and Barking and Dagenham figures come together to mark 25th anniversary of Srebrenica
Barking and Dagenham Post, July 2020

This is why the county council flew its flags at half mast today
Gloucestershire Live, July 2020

Flags raised outside Portsmouth Civic Offices to commemorate 25th anniversary of Bosnian genocide
The News, July 2020

A Muslim in Bristol: We must never forget the atrocities of Srebrenica
Bristol Post, July 2020

Service to remember victims of Srebrenica genocide to be held in Norfolk
Eastern Daily Press, July 2020

Harlow Council to mark 25th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre
Your Harlow, July 2020

Luton Council will honour the victims of the Srebrenica genocide
Luton Today, July 2020

Journey to Bosnia: One man’s hope 25 years after genocide
Tameside Reporter, July 2020

Sefton Council remembers during Srebrenica Memorial Week
My Sefton, July 2020

Bury Council Leader takes part in GMCA genocide memorial
Bury Times, July 2020

City of Coventry marks the 25th Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide
Sarajevo Times, July 2020

Remembering Srebrenica on the 25th anniversary
Kirklees Together, July 2020

Angelina Jolie to deliver keynote message at 25th anniversary of Bosnian Srebrenica genocide
I Am Birmingham, July 2020

Council event to remember Srebrenica 
Lancashire Telegraph, July 2020

Council chiefs mark 25th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide 
Rugby Observer, July 2020

Event to mark 25th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide
Bradford Telegraph and Argus, July 2020

Durham unites in memory of Srebrenica genocide with their Bosnian community
Chronicle Live, July 2020

Council’s timely reminder of 8,372 reasons why this must not happen again
Motherwell Times, July 2020

Coventry to mark 25th anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide
Coventry Observer, July 2020

Mayor of Allerdale pays tribute to victims of Srebrenica massacre 25 years ago this week
Times and Star, July 2020

Council release touching message 25 years on from the Srebrenica genocide 
Westmorland Gazette, July 2020

This is why the county council flew its flags at half mast today 
Gloucestershire Live, July 2020

First ever Virtual Exhibition Featuring Bosnian Genocide Survivors to open Today 
Sarajevo Times, July 2020

25th anniversary marked by MP
Central Fife Times, July 2020

Remembering Srebrenica 
Bradford for Everyone, July 2020

Council event to remember Srebrenica 
Lancashire Telegraph, July 2020

Remembering Srebrenica
Bradford Zone, July 2020

County council to mark 25th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide 
Lichfield Live, July 2020

Memorial week commemorates 25th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide
Cumbria News and Star, July 2020

We must not allow likes of Srebrenica to happen ever again
The National, June 2020

Frodsham headteacher’s 1,000-mile run to mark Bosnian Genocide  
Cheshire Live, June 2020

Steve Baker’s 1000-mile run for Bosnian genocide anniversary  
Wirral Globe, June 2020

Remembering Srebrenica condemns the Bleiburg Commemoration Event in Sarajevo 
Sarajevo Times, May 2020

Remembering Srebrenica appeals for 25th anniversary virtual museum submissions
Keep The Faith magazine, May 2020

Remembering Srebrenica selects “Every Action Matters” as theme for this year
Sarajevo Times, May 2020

Remembering Srebrenica appeals for virtual museum submissions to mark 25th anniversary of genocide
Sarajevo Times, May 2020

UK National Memorial Service for Srebrenica at St Paul’s Cathedral postponed
Liverpool Echo, May 2020

Remembering Srebrenica unveils new online learning resources for teachers during coronavirus lockdown
Sarajevo Times, April 2020

New Zealand mosque gunman admits 51 murders, March 2020

Bosnia Genocide Survivors: We Have No Hatred But Justice is Critical for Healing
Belfast Newsletter, March 2020

Stoic travellers hit by travel chaos
Belfast Telegraph, March 2020

Srebrenica Survivor Caught up in Flybe Collapse
The Express and Star, March 2020

Srebrenica Survivor Caught up in Flybe Collapse
The Somerset County Gazette, March 2020

Srebrenica Survivor Caught up in Flybe Collapse
The Guernsey Press, March 2020

Srebrenica Survivor Caught up in Flybe Collapse, March 2020 

Srebrenica Survivor Caught up in Flybe Collapse
Ardrossan Herlad, March 2020

Hull to Commemorate victims of Srebrenica genocide
Hull Daily Press, July 2019

Sunderland to Join the World in Remembering Srebrenica
Sunderland Magazine, July 2019

Remembering Srebrenica at Cathedral Memorial
Blackburn and Darwen Shuttle, July 2019

Pioneering youth project remembers Srebrenica
Larne and Ballymena Times, July 2019

Srebrenica genocide event to be held for the people of Bromsgrove and Redditch
Bromsgrove Standard, June 2019


Survivor of the Bosnian War Speaks at Bournemouth University
Bournemouth Echo, December 2018

Sarajevo Siege Survivor Shares His Story In Sheffield (Print Edition)
Forge Press, November 2018

Iain Gray: Why We Must Remember Srebrenica
East Lothian Courier

Minister For Faith Opens Bosnian National Centre- In Birmingham 
Keep the Faith Magazine, November 2018 

Survivor of Siege of Sarajevo interview 
Common Room, BBC Lancashire, November 2018

Redbridge Council Wins Community Engagement Award For Srebrenica Commemoration
Ilford Recorder, November 2018 

From Teenager to Soldier- The Story Of  Bosnia Survivor 
Huddersfield Examiner, November 2018 

Interfaith Group Recognised for Educating about Srebrenica Genocide 
Jewish News, November 2018 

From Kristallnacht to Pittsburgh- Why We Must Continue Confronting Hatred 
Jewish News, November 2018 

Harrow Council Recognized for Srebrenica Memorial 
Harrow Times, November 2018

Siege of Sarajevo Survivor to Speak in Blackburn Schools
Asian Image, October 2018 

Dublin Lawyer runs Marathon to remember victims of Srebrenica genocide 
The Journal, October 2018 

Mohammed Ali discussing his painting ‘Srebrenica’ on Good Morning Sunday
BBC Radio 2, October 2018

“Gone but not Forgotten”, Ilford Man Walks a Marathon to Remember the Victims of Srebrenica
Ilford Recorder, October 2018

Coverage of the We Are One Upstander Awards 
Gloucester Live, October 2018 

We Will Not Allow Hatred and Intolerance To Go Unchecked 
Politics Home, October 2018

Hiding Genocide In Srebrenica 
Darrow, October 2018 

Running to Remember in Northampton
Echo and Chronicle, September 2018 (Print Edition) 

Episode 56: Remembering Srebrenica
Cultural Quarter of an Hour, September 2018

UK Must Take Lead To Protect The People Of Idlib
The Guardian , September 2018 

Safet Vukalić is nominated for award that recognises those who fight hate crime 
Jewish News, September 2018 

Lord Bourne to meet with Srebrenica Survivors 
N1 (English), August 2018 

Minister for Faith Visits Site of Genocide
Ceredigion Herald, August 2018 

We Must Give A Voice To The Victims Of Rape In War.
The F Word, July 2018 

Peter Chorley MP Remembers Victims of Srebrenica Genocide 
Lancashire Post, July 2018

Andrew Stephenson MP Remembers Victims of Srebrenica Genocide 
Lancashire and Morecambe Citizen, July 2018

Wartime Rape In Bosnia: A Daughters Search For Truth
Balkan Insight, July 2018 

Harrow Councils Honours Victims and Survivors of the Srebrenica Genocide
Ealing Times, July 2018 

Sir Peter Bottomley MP Reflects on Lessons from Srebrenica Genocide 
Worthing Herald, July 2018

Thousands Gather at Memorial Events to Remember Survivors and Victims of the Srebrenica Genocide
Keep the Faith Magazine, July 2018 

Interview with Lejla and Sian Damon during Srebrenica Memorial Week
BBC Radio 4 and BBC Asian Network, July 2018 

Worcester Remembers Srebrenica Genocide 
Worcester News, July 2018 

Ruth Cadbury MP Signs Srebrenica Book of Pledges
Chiswick Herald, July 2018 

Interview with Nusreta Sivac during Srebrenica Memorial Week 
BBC Radio Wales, July 2018

Coverage of UK Commemoration of 23rd Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide 
Islam Channel, July 2018

Schools Across MK Attend Genocide Memorial Day
MKFM, July 2018 

Thurrock Remembers Srebrenica Genocide 
Your Thurrock, July 2018 

Angelina Jolie Gives Remembering Srebrenica a Message of Support on 23rd Anniversary of Genocide
People, July 2018

Interview with Lejla Damon in the Sarajevo Times 
Sarajevo Times, July 2018 

Srebrenica Memorial Day- Reflections By Shabana Mahmood 
Medium, July 2018

Barking Remembers Srebrenica Genocide 
Barking and Dagenham Post, July 2018

Footballers From Pleckgate High School Remember The Genocide In Srebrenica 
This Is Lancashire, July 2018

St Michael’s Church In Norton To Remember Srebrenica Genocide 
Stourbridge News, July 2018

DR Waqar Azmi OBE Interviewed on Aljazeera Balkans
Aljazeera Balkans, July 2018 

London Mosque Commemorates Srebrenica Genocide 
Anadolu Agency, July 2018 

Trying To Heal The Scars Left By The War In Bosnia
British Medical Journal, July 2018 

Sunderland To Join The World in Marking Srebrenica Genocide
Sunderland Magazine, July 2018 

Remembering Srebrenica, More Than 20 Years On
The Conversation, July 2018 

Bromsgrove Gathers To Remember Srebrenica Genocide 
Bromsgrove Observer, July 2018 

My Crusade To Bring Those Who Raped Me and Killed My Friends To Justice 
Sunday Herald, July 2018 

Thousands Killed In Srebrenica Massacre To Be Remembered in Memorial Week
Irish News, July 2018

Havant Borough Council To Mark Srebrenica Memorial Week 
The News, July 2018 

Giving The Boot To Hatred At Keighley Football Tournament In Memory Of Srebrenica Genocide
Keighley News, July 2018

Bosnian Muslims Killed In Srebrenica Genocide At Redbridge Town Hall Ceremony 
The Ilford Recorder, July 2018 

Interview with a Lessons from Srebrenica Delegate 
Jewish Views Podcast (Jewish News/ Times of Israel), July 2018 

Visiting Bosnia and Learning Lessons From Our Past 
Parallel, July 2018 

Srebrenica Memorial Day: Shattering The Illusion Of Never Again 
History for Historians, July 2018 

Women Raped At Knife Pointed In Bosnian War to Receive Honorary Degree Glasgow University  
The Daily Record, July 2018

Football Match In Memory of Those Killed At Srebrenica 
The Bolton News, July 2018 

Cardiff is Celebrating the Courage of Genocide Survivors 
Business News Wales, July 2018 

We Will Remember: 23 Years Since The Srebrenica Genocide
Lib Dem Voice, June 2018 

Visiting Srebrenica Filled Me Full of Anger and Shame 
Holyrood Magazine, June 2018 

Remembering a Genocide- A Councillors Plea for Racial Tolerance
Daily Echo, June 2018 

Srebrenica- A Cautionary Tale for European Values 
Wikitribune, June 2018 

Srebrenica Genocide Will Shape Police Response to Hate Crime 
BBC News, June 2018 

Calling On Conservative Councillors to Commemorate the Srebrenica Genocide 
Conservative Home, June 2018

North- East Teacher Wants Pupils to Learn Lessons About Modern Genocides
Press and Journal, June 2018

Srebrenica Teaches Lessons 
Worcester Observer, June 2018 

Worcester Mayor Visits Srebrenica- Europe’s Most Recent Genocide 
Worcester News, June 2018

Braes High School Teacher Helps Scottish Pupils Learn Lessons from Srebrenica Genocide
Falkirk Herald, May 2018

Srebrenica Genocide to be remembered at Belfast City Hall 
Belfast Telegraph, May 2018 

Teaching Pack Launched for Scots School Pupil to Learn the Lessons from Srebrenica 
Sunday Post, May 2018 

First Anglican Bishop pays respect to victims of Europe’s 1995 Genocide in Srebrenica
Keep The Faith, May 2018 

Fife Headteacher Visits Bosnia as Part of Gender Violence Project 
Fife Today, April 2018 

Horrors of War Confront Pupils At Solihull School 
Solihull Observer, April 2018

All Women Group Head to Bosnia To Address Gender Violence
The Herald, April 2018

All-Women’s Group From Remembering Srebrenica Scotland To Visit Bosnia to Address Gender Violence
The Sunday Post, April 2018  

Remembering Srebrenica Community Champion Included In List of 100 Most Influential Muslims
Keighley News, April 2018 

The Bosnian War Child’s Emotional Reunion With The Mother Who Couldn’t Bear To Look At Her
Manchester Evening News, April 2018 

The Srebrenica Massacre Reminds Us That Genocide Starts With Words of Hate 
The New Statesman, April 2018 

Professor Nicola Slee Learns Lessons from Srebrenica Genocide 
Keep the Faith, March 2018 

University Students Meet with Srebrenica Genocide Survivors, March 2018 

School Pupils Will Visit Bosnia As Part of a Leadership Course 
Shropshire Star, Print Edition, February 2018, Published 22.02.2018

From Student to Survivor of the Siege of Sarajevo: Dad Joins police Fight Against Hate Crime 
Warrington Guardian, February 2018 

Braes High pupils praised for shining light on atrocities of Srebrenica massacre
Falkirk Herald, February 2018 

High school students join council to remember victims of Holocaust
Evesham Observer, February 2018

Holocaust Memorial Day Brings People Together
Bedford Today, January 2018 

Daughter of Bosnian Refugees Guest Speaker at Holocaust Memorial Event in Wychavon 
Droitwich Standard, January 2018

Remembering Srebrenica and Solihull School partner to host UK premiere of genocide documentary 
Solihull Observer, January 2018

MP Makes Poignant Visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina 

Sutton Coldfield Observer, Print Edition, Page 11, Published on 18th January 2018


Bosnian War rape survivors speak of their suffering 25 years on
Independent, July 2017

Glasgow Srebrenica Commemoration 2017
Broadcasting Scotland, July 2017

Newport AM remembers Bosnian genocide
South Wales Argus, July 2017

Never Forget
The Times, July 2017

Barking memorial service remembers victims of Srebrenica genocide
Barking and Dagenham Post, July 2017

Sunderland service to commemorate one of Europe’s worst genocides
Sunderland Echo, July 2017

We will not forget them – Srebrenica Memorial Week 2017
Jamia Al Karam, July 2017

William Scholes: Srebrenica can help us learn lessons from our own past
Irish News, July 2017

Srebrenica Genocide – 22 Years on
MCB website, July 2017

‘We owe it to the people of Srebrenica’
BBC News, July 2017

BMF calls on Mosques to hold Srebrenica Memorial events
British Muslim Forum, July 2017

Srebrenica survivors still struggling against Serb genocide denial
Irish Times, July 2017

Victims of Srebrenica massacre to be remembered at public event
Waltham Forest Guardian, July 2017

Warning against ‘sliding into hatred of the past’ at Srebrenica memorial
Belfast Telegraph, July 2017

Remembering Srebrenica – Tuesday 11 July
Harrow council, July 2017

Remembering Srebrenica
Yasmin Khan show, Three Counties Radio, July 2017

22 years ago 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed at Srebrenica in Europe’s worst atrocity since WWII
Business Insider, July 2017

Srebrenica survivor reveals her story at memorial service in Barking town square
Yellow Advertiser, July 2017

Why we Continue to Remember Srebrenica
Hope Not Hate, July 2017

Srebrenica Memorial Week
Voice of Islam Radio Podcast, July 2017

Sunderland City Council Remembering Srebrenica
NE Connected, July 2017

Cabinet Member’s Statement on Srebrenica Memorial Day 2017
Birmingham Newsroom, July 2017

Victims of genocide remembered at moving Town Hall ceremony
Oxford Times, July 2017

The Srebrenica massacre: 22 years on
The Muslim Vibe, July 2017

Warning against ‘sliding into hatred of the past’ at Srebrenica memorial
Newsletter Belfast, July 2017

Students need to be told of the horrors of genocide
Times Educational Supplement, July 2017

Remembering people who died at Srebrenica 22 years on
Wakefield Express, July 2017

Gender and genocide: breaking the silence over the rape of Srebrenica’s women
New Statesman, July 2017

Rape Crisis Remembering Srebrenica
RCEW website, July 2017

Prime Minister May on Srebrenica: Pain is still there for so many people in BiH

FENA, July 2017

Victims of Bosnian war remembered in Stoke-on-Trent
Signal 1, July 2017

Remembering Srebrenica in Northampton

Northampton Magazines, July 2017

‘Strong People Reach Out’ – By Peter Osborne, July 2017

Remembering Srebrenica
Kate Green for Progress Online, July 2017

Remembering the lessons of the Srebrenica massacre
Oxford Mail, July 2017

Faiths to unite against hatred at St John’s the Baptist Church on anniversary of Srebrenica massacre
Worcester News, July 2017

Service to be held in King’s Lynn to remember the Srebrenica genocide
Eastern Daily Press, June 2017

Kirklees Council to commemorate mass killing
Huddersfield Examiner, June 2017

Where logic ends, Bosnia begins: A report from Bosnia Herzegovina by Gail Ross MSP
The National, June 2017

22 years on, the women of Srebrenica: their story must be told
The Herald, June 2017

Scots delegation hears of women’s experiences in Srebrenica as genocide anniversary approaches
Commonspace, June 2017

Kezia Dugdale: The scars of genocide will never heal until Serbs end their denial
The Herald, June 2017

Charity Highlights Women’s Suffering in Srebrenica Genocide
Balkan Insight, June 2017

Scoring victory against hatred
Yorkshire Post, June 2017

Scottish MSPs come together to tackle hatred on White Armband Day
Sarajevo Times, June 2017

Politicians Unite To Remember Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide Victims
Heart FM, June 2017

Politicians Unite to Remember Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide Victims
Evening Express, June 2017

Politicians unite to remember Bosnia-Herzegovina genocide victims
Stornoway Gazette, June 2017

25 Years since Bosnian Muslims were Marked for Extermination
Urdu Times, May 2017

MSPs come together to remember Bosnian genocide victims
Central FM, May 2017

Politicians unite to remember Bosnia-Herzegovina genocide victims
The Scotsman, June 2017

Kicking hatred into touch
Keighley News, May 2017

Learning the lessons from Srebrenica
Bournville College website, May 2017

Warning for NI in stalling of Bosnia’s progress
UTV, May 2017

Charity seeks 8,372 children to score a victory against hatred and intolerance
Crediton Courier, May 2017

NI looks to learn from war-torn Bosnia’s peace journey
UTV, May 2017

Charity seeks 8,372 children to score a victory against hatred and intolerance
Phoenix Newspaper, May 2017

Are there lessons for Northern Ireland in Bosnia?
BBC News NI, May 2017

22 years after the extermination of 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica, Bosnian Serbs deny genocide
Oumma, May 2017

What lessons can Northern Ireland learn from other societies recovering from conflict?
BBC Radio Ulster, May 2017

Charity seeks 8,372 children to score a victory against hatred and intolerance
Box to Box football, May 2017

William Scholes: Remembering the 8,372 dead of Srebrenica
Irish News, May 2017

Living proof: Surviving a massacre
BBC News, May 2017

Srebrenica: Denying Genocide
BBC Our World, May 2017

Honorary doctorate for survivor of Bosnian terror
Luton Today, May 2017

A chance of learning something from the war wounds of the past
Yorkshire Evening Post, May 2017

University of Bedfordshire Confers Honorary Doctorate to Srebrenica Genocide Survivor
Urdu Times, May 2017

Teenager who survived firing squad has a lesson for Wales
Western Mail, April 2017

University Confers Honorary Doctorate to Srebrenica Genocide Survivor
The Phoenix Newspaper, April 2017

Bosnia: Rape as a Weapon of War
BBC World Service, April 2017

Nedzad Avdic: young Britons will speak about the genocide in Srebrenica
Avaz Bosnia, April 2017

Nedzad Avdic and Anousheh Haghdadi speak to Anna King
BBC Radio Gloucestershire (starts at 1 hr 13 minutes), April 2017

Nomia Iqbal interviews Nedzad Avdic
BBC Asian Network (starts at 1 hr 13 minutes), April 2017

Nick Coffer interviews Nedzad Avdic
BBC Three Counties Radio (starts at 34 minutes), April 2017

University confers Honorary Doctorate to Srebrenica genocide survivor
Asian Image, April 2017

Huddersfield to get £1m Holocaust Learning Centre: Survivor’s daughter says centre links WW2 and recent atrocities
Huddersfield Examiner, April 2017

Government’s Special Envoy Sir Eric Pickles in Srebrenica Visit
Essex Star, April 2017

Sir Eric Pickles Visits Scene of Srebrenica Genocide
World News, April 2017

Diggers, denial and despair: The macabre story of the Srebrenica cover-up
Middle East Eye, April 2017

Future Leaders in Schools on BBC Radio Northampton
BBC Radio Northampton (1 hr 43 minutes)

Remembering the past to help change the future
Northamptonshire Telegraph, February 2017

Milton Keynes students visit Bosnia on Future Leaders Programme
Milton Keynes Citizen, February 2017

Students visit Bosnia massacre site
Bracknell News, February 2017

Councillor award for community march
Asian Leader, February 2017

Cllr Noordad Aziz interviewed about winning Cohesive Society Award (at 41 mins)
BBC Radio Manchester, February 2017

Genocide Charities Condemn President Trump’s Muslim Ban
Urdu Times, February 2017

Genocide Charities Condemn President Trump’s Muslim Ban
Asian Express, February 2017

Reliving Srebrenica Memories
Asian News Lite, February 2017

Holocaust victims remembered while genocide goes on worldwide
Northern Ireland Newsletter, January 2017

Lessons from one of history’s darkest moments as touring exhibition returns
Bradford Telegraph & Argus, January 2017

Remembering the genocide in Bosnia and beyond

Yorkshire Post, January 2017


Radovan Karadzic Interview Angers Srebrenica Survivors
Balkan Insight, December 2016

Recognition for project working with Keighley schools to tackle intolerance
Keighley News, December 2016

Four ‘unsung heroes’ receive Cohesive Society Awards for tackling hatred and intolerance in Bradford
Telegraph and Argus, December 2016

Horrors of genocide in Srebrenica told to Fife delegation at first-hand
The Courier, November 2016

Sturgeon joins other party leaders to back education on genocide
Ekklesia, October 2016

The warnings Bosnian gravestones carry for us in 2016
New Statesman, October 2016

Harrowing return to mass graves in Bosnia
Oxfordshire Guardian, October 2016

Osborne gets Srebrenica role
News Letter, October 2016

Glasgow Stands Up Against Hate Crime
Glasgow Council, October 2016

Spitting and assault can turn into ‘unspeakable horrors’, hate crime expert warns
Glasgow Evening Times, October 2016

Glasgow forensics expert who helped uncover mass graves in Bosnia returns to pay tribute
Glasgow Live, October 2016

Insight: Srebrenica, 20 years living in shadow of genocide
The Scotsman, October 2016

Mentoring program aims to tackle hate crime – Manchester Headline News

That’s Manchester TV, September 2016

Retired Fairlight police officer who helped bring war criminals to justice returns to Bosnia 20 years after Srebrenica
Hastings Observer, September 2016

Multi-faith service remembers lives lost in Srebrenica 
Bromsgrove Advertiser, September 2016

Wales must be more tolerant and help others in need – message from AMs after Bosnian genocide visit
ITV Wales, September 2016

Remembering Srebrenica
SNP website, August 2016

Nicola Sturgeon: We must keep the memory of genocide alive
Edinburgh Evening News, August 2016

Sturgeon lays wreath at Srebrenica Memorial
The Times, August 2016

Remembering Srebrenica
Scottish government website, August 2016

Nicola Sturgeon ‘deeply moved’ paying respects to Srebrenica genocide victims
Fife Today, August, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon ‘moved’ by visit to site of 1995 Srebrenica massacre
BBC Scotland, August, 2016

First Minister visits Srebrenica to mark 1995 genocide
STV, August, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon to visit scene of Srebrenica massacre
Herald Scotland, August, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon describes Srebrenica visit as ‘deeply moving’
The National Scot, August, 2016

First Minister visits Srebrenica to pay tribute to genocide victims
West FM, August, 2016

First Minister joins former Moderator in visit to scene of genocide
Church of Scotland website, August, 2016

First Minister visits Srebrenica to pay tribute to genocide victims
Radio Borders, August, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon to join Scots on visit to site of 1995 Srebrenica massacre today
Daily Record, August, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon to join Scots on visit to site of 1995 Srebrenica massacre today
Engine News, August, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon ‘deeply moved’ paying respects to Srebrenica genocide victims
Glasgow and South Eastwood Extra, August, 2016

Bristol marks anniversary of Srebrenica genocide
ITV West Country, August, 2016

Big Harrow, August, 2016

Memorial held to remember Srebrenica massacre
Worthing Herald, August 2016

Big News – Remembering Srebrenica 
Big Centre TV, July 2016

 “I still have nightmares” – Bosnian genocide survivor says it still keeps her awake 21 years on
Notts TV News, July 2016

Remembering Srebrenica rally in Birmingham to challenge hate and promote unity
Birmingham Mail, July 2016

Srebrenica remembered in Cumbria
ITV Border News, July 2016

21 Years After The Srebrenica Massacre, A Call For Better Understanding Of Different Cultures
BBC Radio Northampton, July 2016

Remembering Srebrenica, a cautionary lesson for Luton and the world. 
Luton on Sunday, July 2016

Memorial Day has a timely message
Huddersfield Daily, July 2016

England Women learn more about 1995 Balkans conflict 
FA website, July 2016

Memorial held in Wembley to remember genocide victims in Srebrenica 
Brent & Kilburn Times, July 2016

Sefton Council to debate memorial events for Srebrenica genocide 
Southport visitor, July 2016

Newly found bodies from the Srebrenica genocide laid to rest on 21st anniversary of the massacre 
Big News Network, July 2016

21st anniversary of Srebrenica genocide 
FCO website, July 2016

Srebrenica anniversary: Thousands gather to remember victims of Europe’s worst mass murder since the Holocaust 
Independent, July 2016

Srebrenica buries 127 victims of massacre, Serbs absent over genocide denial
Reuters, July 2016

Pictures of the day, July 10th Srebrenica
Daily Telegraph, July 2016

Rose petals and tears: Bosnians honor Srebrenica victims 
Yahoo News, July 2016

Srebrenica Massacre Remembered On 21st Anniversary
Your News Wire, July 2016

Thousands remember Srebrenica massacre victims 
Justice Info Net, July 2016

21 Years – Remember Srebrenica and Unite Against Hatred 
Amnesty website, July 2016

Jon Ashworth signs book of pledges to remember 8,372 Srebrenica dead
Leicester Mercury, July 2016

Srebrenica massacre ‘a terrible reminder of where hatred can lead’ 
Get West London, July 2016

South Tyneside will mark 21st anniversary of genocide in the Balkans 
Shields Gazette, July 2016

Communities to pay tribute to Bosnian victims 
Batley & Birstall News, July 2016

Bradford memorial to honour victims of Srebrenica massacre
Telegraph & Argus, July 2016

Lord Mayor unveils memorial in Bradford city centre 
Telegraph & Argus, July 2016

Remembering Srebrenica 11 Jul 2016 
South Lakeland Interfaith Forum website, July 2016

Srebrenica survivor left for dead by firing squad that killed 8,000 returns 21 years after massacre 
Daily Mirror, July 2016

Remembering Srebrenica 
Northants Police website, July 2016

Foyle MP Mark Durkan signs Book of Srebrenica Memorial Pledges on 21st anniversary of genocide 
Derry Now, July 2016

Ruth inspired by Srebrenica study trip 
Ballymena & Antrim Times, July 2016

Sir Peter Bottomley: Remembering Srebrenica 
Worthing Herald, July 2016

Srebrenica could be repeated if we don’t take lessons 
Q4TV, July 2016

Srebrenica Survivors come to Scotland for Homeless World Cup 
Sunday Mail, July 2016

Srebrenica survivors join fellow homeless at Glasgow world cup 
Sunday Times, July 2016

East Lothian MP shows massacre film in Parliament 
Edinburgh Evening News, July 2016

BBC Radio Scotland interview with Nedzad Avdic
BBC radio Scotland, July 2016

Remembering Srebrenica memorial shows why we must unite against hate 
Church of Scotland Website, July 2016

Srebrenica genocide victims remembered 21 years on at Blackburn Central Library 
Blackburn BID website, July 2016

Srebrenica genocide victims remembered 21 years on at Blackburn Central Library 
Blackburn and Darwen Shuttle, July 2016

Remembering Srebrenica in Cardiff 
Blog post on Angela Graham’s website, July 2016

Learning lessons from the Srebrenica genocide 
BVSC website, July 2016

Mosque hosts Srebrenica 21st Anniversary Memorial and European Muslim Heritage Exhibition 
East London Mosque website, July 2016

Remembering Srebrenica at Finsbury Park Mosque 
Finsbury Park Mosque website, July 2016

Remembering Srebrenica: Bradford unites against hatred 
Asian Express, July 2016

Sir Peter Bottomley: Remembering Srebrenica 
Littlehampton Gazette, July 2016

Srebrenica Memorial Week 2016 launched for 21st anniversary 
I am Birmingham website, July 2016

Srebrenica Memorial Event
Nottingham CVS website, July 2016

Hate Crime Delivery Plan published  
West Wales Chronicle, July 2016

Commemorating the Srebrenica Genocide
East London News, July 2016

There was a Foreign Office reception this week in memory of the Srebrenica massacre 
Daily Record, July 2016

Srebrenica Memorial Day – We stand united against hatred 
British Muslim Forum website, July 2016

Memorial held in Wembley to remember genocide victims in Srebrenica 
London 24 website, July 2016

Full Scottish – 17th July 2016 interview with Lorna Hood and discussion
Broadcasting Scotland, July 2016

Birmingham to remember Srebrenica victims
Birmingham Newsroom, July 2016

Remembering the victims of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina
BiH Community website, July 2016

Communities come together to unite against hatred 
Asian Sunday, July 2016

MP signs Srebrenica Book of Pledges emphasising “never again” 
Sutton Voice, July 2016

Pendle MP remembers the victims of genocide in Srebrenica 
Craven Herald & Pioneer, July 2016

Barking remembers Srebrenica massacre 
Barking and Dagenham Post, July 2016

‘We must not forget Bosnia atrocities’ says organiser of Potteries Srebrenica Memorial Day 
The Sentinel, July 2016

Victims of Srebrenica remembered in Stoke-On-Trent 
Signal Radio, July 2016

Memorial for the Genocide in Srebrenica opened in England 
Sarajevo Times, July 2016

Peace walk remembers the victims of Srebrenica 
My News Desk, July 2016

Borehamwood group marks the 21st anniversary of massacre of 8,000 in Srebrenica 
Borehamwood & Elstree Times, July 2016

Should crimes against women in Gloucester be classed as hate crimes? Talk to be held at Guildhall 
Gloucestershire Live, July 2016

Lessons on tolerance from the worst atrocity since World War ll 
Gloucester News Centre, July 2016

‘Srebrenica 8372’ – Remembering Genocide 
Remember Me blog, July 2016

Hyndburn Labour Councillor Noordad Aziz complete 23-mile Walk of Peace in honour of genocide victims 
Blog post, July 2016

After a week of remembrance… 
Justice for Bosnia blog, July 2016

Remembering Srebrenica: Lessons learnt and why it needs kept in our memory 
The Forum for Cities in Transition (blog), July 2016

‘Unite against hatred for our future generations’ 
Blog post, Eileen Chan-Hu, July 2016

#Neverforget past & present – interactive theatre workshop 
Rich Mix website, July 2016

A series of posts for Srebrenica Memorial week: 
Catherine Major’s blog, July 2016

Rabbis and Imams’ historic and symbolic visit to Srebrenica
Jewish News (Blog), June 2016

Survivor talks to students about genocide
Bedford Today, April 2016

Hornton journalist brings home story of Srebrenica massacre with pictures
Banbury Guardian, April 2016

Harrow councillor remembers Bosnian genocide where 8,000 lives where lost
Get West London, April 2016

Holocaust survivor visits Bingley Grammar School to talk about his experiences
Bradford Telegraph & Argus, February 2016

Art helped brush out Balkan horrors
The Sunday Times, January 2016

Forensic scientist turns artist to commemorate Bosnian genocide
STV News, January 2016

Bradford remembers genocide victims at city service
Bradford Telegraph & Argus, January 2016

Remembering Srebrenica: ‘Our young people can challenge hatred of all kind’
Asian Image, January 2016

Young Highlanders urged to ‘stand up to hatred’ as genocide remembered
Ross-shire Journal, January 2016


Teenagers campaign to raise awareness of genocide
BBC News: School Report, December 2015

Flag commemorating the horrors of genocide in Srebrenica is donated to Bradford’s Peace Museum
Bradford Telegraph & Argus, October 2015

Film critic urges people to watch award-winning movie brought to Bradford
Bradford Telegraph & Argus, September 2015

Bosnia’s grim tale of genocide
The Yorkshire Post, August 2015

Conservative leader will ask the questions at Traquair

Peeblesshire News, August 2015

Bradford College students make film of horrors of war

Bradford Telegraph & Argus, July 2015

Genocide survivor talks about experiences in Hoddesdon on Srebrenica anniversary
Hertfordshire Mercury, July 2015

OPINION: It’s my duty to tell of Bosnia’s hell

Jewish News, July 2015

Families still suffering two decades after massacre
Henley Standard, July 2015

WMPeople: Sergeant Marina Dain – Remembering Srebrenica
West Midlands Police, July 2015

Denial is insulting, forgetting kills
El Pais (Spanish language), July 2015

The atrocity at Srebrenica
Northern Echo, July 2015

Srebrenica – the genocide keeps on bleeding
Las Provincias (Spanish language), July 2015

Blaming ‘ancient hatreds’ for Srebrenica ignores politics
The National, July 2015

Remembering Srebrenica – a reflection
The Feast, July 2015

Humza Yousaf: Remembering Bosnia can help us resist wave of intolerance and hatred sweeping Europe
Daily Record, July 2015

We must listen to the voices of those who feel abandoned

Jewish Chronicle, July 2015

The Srebrenica Genocide: 20 years on

Birmingham Mail, July 2015

Yusuf Islam Music Marks Srebrenica Massacre

OnIslam, July 2015

Yusuf Islam pens song for Srebrenica
World Bulletin, July 2015

Remembering Srebrenica
Liberal Democrat Voice, July 2015

Armed Forces Muslim Forum supports #WalkTogether at Iftar event
GOV.UK, July 2015

Town hall to host memorial event
Batley News, July 2015

Macclesfield army officer is on a mission to remember Bosnian massacre victims
Macclesfield Express, July 2013

Srebenica survivors and relatives attend 20th anniversary event in Cardiff
Wales Online, July 2015

British leaders to mark Srebrenica genocide

Asian News, July 2015

Standing united our most potent weapon against terrorism

Herald Scotland, July 2015

Northampton mosque holds memorial service to mark 20th anniversary of Srebrenica

Northampton Chronicle, June 2015

Leading Scots humanitarian: ‘Failing to intervene in Syria is not the right answer’

Sunday Herald, June 2015

Yusuf Islam composes song for Remembering Srebrenica

Radio Sarajevo, June 2015 (Google translate needed)

Twenty years after the Bosnian massacre at Srebrenica, the bereaved still fight for justice

London Evening Standard, June 2015

Yusuf islam composes instrumental for Remembering Srebrenica

N1, June 2015 (Google translate needed)

How Genocide Can Happen on Our Ordinary Streets

Huffington Post, June 2015

Remembering Srebrenica debate

BBC News, June 2015

Emotional visit to site where more than 8,000 massacred for city delegation
Birmingham Mail, June 2015

Bosnian war inspires Darlington soldier to campaign for tolerance

Northern Echo, June 2015

The product of Bosnia’s fighting and ethnic cleansing is political stasis, corruption and disillusionment
The National, June 2015

The bereaved mother in Srebrenica who still hopes her son will come home
Daily Telegraph, June 2015

Anniversary of Genocide – Col Bob Stewart DSO MP
Tribune, June 2015

Remembering Srebrenica – UK delegates visit Bosnia
Asian World News, June 2015

Dr Waqar Azmi talks to Ray Khan about life and Srebrenica
Mera Safar – BBC Asian Network (conversation in Urdu, starts 1hr 18 mins), June 2015

Aid workers are heroes too

The Scotsman, May 2015

Robert McNeil: The art and science of bearing witness to war

The Herald, May 2015

Northamptonshire school participates in 8-3-7-2 Tournament
BBC Radio Northampton, June 2015 (starts at 46 mins 30 secs)

Plans to mark genocide of Muslims at Srebrenica
The Scotsman, May 2015

South Wales police officer who helped track down Europe’s notorious war criminals
Western Mail/Wales Online, May 2015

Srebrenica visit for UK Muslim soldiers
BBC World Service, May 2015 – starts at 8 mins.

UK Muslim soldiers visit Srebrenica
BBC Asian Network, May 2015 – starts at 16 mins.

Calling all Bosnians in Scotland
BBC Radio Scotland, May 2015 – starts at 2 hours 40 mins.

Srebrenica: British Muslim soldiers visit graves
BBC Online, May 2015

Call to Bosnians in Scotland ahead of commemoration: ‘Gdje si ti?’

Ross-shire Journal, May 2015

Birmingham soldier haunted by Bosnia conflict

Birmingham Mail, May 2015

East Ham student visits genocide site

Newham Recorder, May 2015

Poignant event remembers genocide

Worcester Observer, May 2015

Footy star acts for Srebrenica

Malvern Observer, May 2015

Multi-faith forum holds Srebrenica talk

Barnet & Potters Bar Times, May 2015

Bosnian soccer star calls on Leicester schools to sign up

Leicester Mercury, May 2015

Schools in South Yorkshire urged to sign up for tournament

The Epworth Bells & Crowle Advertiser, May 2015

Bradford to fly special flag for Srebrenica

Bradford Telegraph & Argus, May 2015

Equality champion calls on people to see Worcester exhibition

Malvern Gazette, May 2015

War crime is remembered at the Hive

Worcester News, May 2015

South Yorkshire schools urged to sign up for tournament

Sheffield Star, May 2015

Soccer star’s goal is to beat intolerance

Liverpool Echo, May 2015

Begovic urges school children to join tournament

Sarajevo Times, May 2015

Genocide exhibition will show full horror

Evesham Journal, May 2015

Stoke City star calls on Worcester kids to play in tournament

Worcester News, April 2015

Premier League star calls on children to play in tournament

Worksop Guardian, April 2015

Strike out hatred says Stoke City keeper

Staffordshire Newsletter, April 2015

Isabel’s anguish at Bosnia horror

Courtesy of Shropshire Star, April 2015

Welsh Assembly members visit Srebrenica

South Wales Evening Post, April 2015

Hampton School students hear Hasan’s survival tale

Richmond & Twickenham Times, March 2015

Hasan recounts his survival story to Feltham students 
Get London, March 2015

Bradford welcomes Hasan to tell survival story
Bradford Telegraph & Argus, March 2015

Hasan Hasanović and UK school children talk to John Humpries
BBC R4 Today, March 2015 – interview starts at 2 hours 40 mins.

Genocide Survivor Hasan Hasanović tells his story
BBC Radio Leeds, March 2015 – interview starts at 2 hours 24 mins.

Scottish delegates discuss Srebrenica with Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera Balkans, March 2015

Ruth Davidson MSP: Travelling to Srebrenica
Glasgow Evening Times, February 2015

Lancashire councillor steps out for Srebrenica
Accrington Observer, January 2015


View From Westminster – Stephen Doughty MP
Penarth Times, December 2014

Why We Need To Remember Srebrenica
Huffington Post, December 2014

TV1 Interview – Colonel Bob Stewart MP, Former Commander of UN Forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina
TV1, November 2014 (in Bosnian)

Colonel Bob Stewart MP leads Parliamentary Delegation to Srebrenica
Radio Sarajevo, November 2014 (in Bosnian)

Keighley Councillor leads Delegation to Bosnia
Keighley News, November 2014

Meeting the Survivors of Genocide
Bradford Telegraph and Argus, November 2014

Interfaith genocide education workshop for Tower Hamlet students
Jewish News Online, November 2014

Slow Recovery: Perspectives on from the Bosnian War Aftermath
One Europe, September 2014

Chesham remembers Bosnian tragedy in memorial service
Bucks Free Press, July 2014

Fasting ends with a communal feast
Bromsgrove Standard, July 2014

Law firm speaks out against intolerance
Lancashire Telegraph, July 2014

How Lutonians helped heal the heart of this Bosnian refugee
Luton Today, July 2014

Remembering Srebrenica genocide during book signing in Parliament
Glasgow Kelvin Labour Party, July 2014

Eric Ollerenshaw MP remembers Srebrenica genocide during book signing in Parliament
Lancaster and Fleetwood Conservatives, July 2014

Valerie signs Srebrenica Memorial Day Book
Valerie Vaz MP, July 2014

First service remembers Srebrenica massacre dead
Batley & Birstall News, July 2014

Remembering Srebrenica
Robert Buckland MP, July 2014

Hertfordshire Constabulary remembers Srebrenica
Hertfordshire Police, July 2014

Humza Yousaf: Srebrenica Memorial Day reminder that we must defend equality and human rights
Daily Record, July 2014

Lessons from Srebrenica
Glasgow Now, July 2014

Rochdale remembers Srebrenica
Rochdale online, July 2014

The Big Iftar Remembering Srebrenica
Luton Borough Council, July 2014

Remembering Srebrenica
Richard Corbett MP, July 2014

BBC Radio Yorkshire Interview with RSI Champion Alex Ross-Shaw
BBC, July 2014

Srebrenica Genocide: Never Forget 
The Moroccan Times, July 2014

Poignant memorial service held in Bradford for 1995 Srebrenica genocide
Telegraph and Argus, July 2014

Srebrenica Memorial Day held at Blackburn Cathedral
Harwood First, July 2014

Stoke memorial service is held for victims of the Srebrenica massacre
Stoke Sentinel, July 2014

Srebrenica Memorial Day
Scottish Government, July 2014

David Hamilton, Chair of North Area Committee of Scottish Police Federation, interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland
BBC, July 2014

Remembering Srebrenica
Sir Stephen Bubb, July 2014

Why Srebrenica matters
Le Monde Diplomatique, July 2014

Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begovic talks about Srebrenica massacre
Stoke Sentinel, July 2014

Remembering Srebrenica
CURB, July 2014

Remembering Srebrenica
City of Stoke-on-Trent, July 2014

Clegg joins Srebrenica Memorial
Asian Lite, July 2014

Why we must all learn lesson’s from the dark days of Srebrenica
stv Edinburgh, July 2014

Moderator urges all faiths to learn lessons of Bosnian massacre at first Scottish memorial event
Church of Scotland, July 2014

Communities ministers mark the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide
Department of Communities and Local Government, July 2014

Rochdale Borough Council marks Srebrenica Memorial Week with town hall event
Rochdale Borough Council, July 2014

BBC Radio Lancashire interview with Fatima Dautbasic-Klempic
BBC, July 2014

Remembering why Srebrenica mattered
al-Arabiya, July 2014

Moderator’s Srebrenica Call
Life & Work, July 2014

Welsh Srebrenica commemoration event
Conservative Muslim Forum, July 2014

Families gather to remember Bosnia genocide
Birmingham Mail, July 2014

Muslims across the UK unite in prayer to mark Srebrenica Memorial Day
North Leeds Life, July 2014

Remembering Srebrenica & Bosnian mass executions
Leeds Makkah Masjid, July 2014

600 Mosques will Remember Srebrenica Massacre
The Asians, July 2014

Bosnia remembers Srebrenica genocide
Daily Sabah, July 2014

Lessons for Scotland from horrors of Srebrenica
Herald Scotland, July 2014

Al Jazeera Balkans’ piece on Lancaster House Memorial Reception
Al Jazeera Balkans, July 2014

GeoTV on Lancaster House Memorial Reception
GeoTV, July 2014

Asmir Begovic reflects on Srebrenica Massacre
The Sentinel, July 2014

Remembering Srebrenica
National Black Women’s Network, July 2014

UK leads World in remembering Srebrenica genocide
The Sarajevo Times, July 2014

Srebrenitsa soykırımının 19. sene dönümü
Ajans34, July 2014

Velika Britanija na jedinstven način u svijetu obilježit će godišnjicu genocida u Srebrenici
Depo, July 2014

Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo obilježava sjećanje na genocid u Srebrenici
Radio Sarajevo, July 2014

Let Srebrenica genocide be a warning from history, says Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl
Gloucestershire Echo, June 2014

Deputy joins police delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bedford Today, May 2014

Ann McKechin: Remembering Srebrenica 

The Daily Record, May 2014

York student commemorates Srebrenica genocide 
The Press, April 2014

Harrogate woman returns from Bosnia 
Ripon Gazette, April 2014
Great Harwood politician visits Bosnia to raise awareness of genocide
The Citizen, April 2014

750 people to learn about the Bosnian war 
British government press release, April 2014

Remembering Srebrenica: the Scots commemorating Bosnia’s massacred 8,000
Herald Scotland, February 2014

Monomita Raksit: ‘Ono što sam naučila o genocidu u BiH nikada neću zaboraviti’
Bosnia Press, January 2014

Posjeta Srebrenici duboko potresla mladu Britanku
Avaz, January 2014

Britanka Monomita Raksit: Životnu lekciju sam naučila u BiH, svima ću pričati o genocidu
Klix, January 2014


Interview with Martin Bell
TV1, December 2013

Delegates witness legacy of Srebrenica’s genocide from Yugoslavia’s bloody civil war
Newham Recorder, December 2013

Barking resident visits Srebrenica to remember genocide victims
Barking & Dagenham Post, December 2013

Young leaders return from visit to Srebrenica
Manchester Evening News, December 2013

Keighley councillor sees first-hand effects of genocide
Bradford Telegraph & Argus, December 2013

Reisu-l-ulemu posjetili predstavnici Fondacije “Remembering Srebrenica” iz Velike Britanije
The Islamic Community in Bosnia, December 2013

‘Sjećanje na Srebrenicu’ u svim britanskim školama
Al Jazeera Balkans, December 2013

Delegation of “Remembering Srebrenica” project visit ICMP
ICMP, December 2013 

Faith groups gather for joint prayer in Srebrenica
World Bulletin, December 2013

Cambridge University graduate among ‘young leaders’ on moving visit to Srebrenica in Bosnia
Cambridge News, December 2013

Brooks Newmark, MP for Braintree, on Remembering Srebrenica and the important work of the ICMP
Conservative Party Blog, July 2013

Genocide Remembered: Srebrenica Memorial Day at Lancaster House in London, July 2013
Sarajevo Times, July 2013

The Prime Minister’s statement on the 18th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, July 2013

“We thought we would be safe.” Hasan Hasanović on surviving the Srebrenica genocide
BBC, July 2013

UK holds first memorial day for the victims of the Srebrenica genocide
World News, July 2013

Srebrenica genocide remembered as Hague, Pickles pledge support for Bosnia genocide education
The Huffington Post, July 2013

William Hague leads tribes to Srebrenica genocide victims
The Economic Voice, July 2013

Archbishop Nichols speaks at Remembering Srebrenica Memorial Day
Independent Catholic News, July 2013 

UK holds first memorial day for the victims of the Srebrenica genocide
Wiredgov, July 2013

Anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide
The Catholic Church in England and Wales, July 2013

William Hague leads tributes to Srebrenica genocide victims
Politics Home, July 2013

Bosnia conflict remembered with regrets
London Evening Standard, July 2013

Anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide

Noodls, July 2013

L’arcivescovo Nichols: “Non dimentichiamo la strage di Srebrenica”
Vatican Insider, July 2013

Srebrenica genocide victims remembered at first UK memorial day
Manchester Evening News, July 2013

Angus Robertson: “Lest we forget, Bosnia’s agonies aren’t over”
The Scotsman, July 2013

Memorial held for Srebrenica
Church Times, July 2013

Breaking bread and Islam myths
The Independent, July 2013

Sarah Joseph’s Pause for Thought on BBC Radio
BBC Radio 2, July 2013

Waqar Azmi and Nigel Casey visited member of BiH presidency Bakir Izetbegović
Sarajevo Times, April 2013