Former student inspires next generation

Speaking to members of the current affairs society at Henrietta Barnett School, Misba Sheikh recounted her experiences as part of an educational visit organised by Remembering Srebrenica.

Part of the Lessons from Srebrenica programme, the visit inspired Misba to talk to pupils at the non-denominational girls’ grammar school, in Hampstead Garden Suburb.

She showed powerful images and interviews with survivors, as part of her talk, which covered information about the genocide in Bosnia in July 1995, as well as emphasising the importance of strengthening inter-community relations.

Misba said: 


“Hatred leads to devastating consequences, as can be seen from events in Srebrenica, Rwanda, Cambodia, the Congo and the Holocaust – to name but a few. The responsibility is on us to educate ourselves and others about such atrocities and ensure they do not continue to occur around the world.”


In July 1995, Bosnian-Serb nationalist forces captured the Bosnian town, despite its designation from the UN as a safe area. The genocide saw 8,372 Bosnian Muslims systematically murdered – many of these victims were boys of school-age.