Donate to Create the World’s First International Srebrenica Memorial Learning Centre

Remembering Srebrenica is looking for donors to help us establish the world’s first International Srebrenica Memorial Learning Centre.


Why it is needed

There is a need to establish the world’s first International Srebrenica Memorial Learning Centre to combat hatred and intolerance through leadership engagement, commemoration and educational activities. The Centre will work to combat hatred and intolerance through using the lessons from the Srebrenica genocide. These lessons will not only heighten awareness of the dangers of intolerance in the contemporary world, but bring to the fore an appreciation of respecting religious beliefs and upholding universal values.

In this way the proposed Learning Centre will offer a powerful antidote to prejudice and act as a beacon of shared humanity by creating 50 million opportunities for people to view our messages globally, creating at least 10,000 champions against hatred and attracting at least 25,000 visitors to the centre each year.


What it will do

The Centre will use the history of the Srebrenica genocide as a model of how society can break down, and emphasise how current and future generations must carefully examine and learn from this tragedy.
The ‘Lessons from Srebrenica’ educational visits programme will continue through the centre in order to promote an understanding of the dangers of hatred and intolerance.

Through the work of the Centre, we will promote the importance of building community cohesion and good citizenship, which has greater resonance than ever in our culturally diverse global societies.


How you can help

The International Learning Centre can be established and self-sustained by raising £6.9 million. That means that if we can find 7,000 people who each donate £1,000, we will reach our target. Anyone giving a donation of £1,000 or more will have their name inscribed on the wall as a founder of the centre, but donations of any size are very welcome.

If you would like to help us in establishing the world’s first International Srebrenica Memorial Learning Centre, we would be happy to discuss the different ways of sponsoring or donating.


Contact us on +44 (0)121 454 3343

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To Donate

You can donate directly in the following ways:
Send a cheque payable to ‘Remembering Srebrenica’.


Donate online from the UK:

Account name: Ummah Help
Account number: 41796089
Sort code: 40-11-15


Donate online from outside the UK:

Account Name: Ummah Help
IBAN: GB60HBUK40111541796089
Swift Code: HBUKGB4B


Or give via our Just Giving Page:


What your donation will do


  • Honour the forgotten genocide victims and their families


  • Form a living legacy for future generations to remember and learn the lessons from Srebrenica


  • Contribute to a more compassionate and cohesive world