2018 Film Screenings for Srebrenica Memorial Week

There are some extremely powerful films about the experiences of genocide survivors in Bosnia. This year our Community Champions are organising screenings of the following films:


8 July – ‘Fog of Srebrenica’ Film Screening – Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast 

10 July – ‘Fog of Srebrenica’ Film Screening with Q&A with Director – University of Newcastle

11 July – ‘Halima’s Path’ Film Screening – Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

12 July – ‘A Cry From The Grave’ Film Screening – Adam and Eve Conference Venue, Birmingham

12 July- Film Screening of ‘Halima’s Path’ – Lincoln College, Oxford

12 July – Srebrenica Film Screening – West London Synagogue

12 July- Film Screening of ‘Ordinary Heroes’- London

18 July – ‘Halima’s Path’ Film Screening – Impact Hub, Birmingham

20 July – Film screening of ‘The Fog of Srebrenica’ – Friends Meeting House, Colchester

The Fog of Srebrenica: 

This documentary film shares the precious testimonies of survivors in chronological chapters, with their narrations of the genocide beautifully woven together with music and shots of the surrounding landscape by director Samir Mehanovic in order to provide viewers with a rich understanding of what happened before, during, and after the genocide in Srebrenica. You can read about the screenings last year here.

Halima’s Path

This acclaimed and multiple award-winning film fits perfectly with our theme “Breaking the Silence: Gender and Genocide”. It is a fictional account of Halima, a strong-willed Muslim woman, who unsuccessfully searches for the remains of her son. When Halima asks her estranged niece for help, they uncover horrifying facts that disrupt everyone’s lives.