In Conversation With: Dr. Hikmet Karčić

The Remembering Srebrenica team were joined by Dr. Hikmet Karčić in a discussion about the utilisation of detention and concentration camps in Bosnia as a tool for ethno-religious cleansing of non-Serbs, as well as genocide denial and how we combat the ongoing narratives. Dr.Karčić, is a Genocide Scholar who defended his PhD Dissertation on the Bosnian genocide at the International University of Sarajevo. Currently, he is a researcher at the Institute for Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks, as well as a published writer. The discussion between Dr Karčić and Remembering Srebrenica’s Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustura focused also on why genocide research is so important in future prevention of genocidal violence and why it is essential to incorporate the stories’ of survivors into this.