MPs' Memorial Day Pledges 2016

In 2016 with the help of Yasmin Qureshi MP, we provided an opportunity for MPs to write a pledge for Srebrenica in the House of Commons. We are grateful that so many MPs from all sides of the political spectrum took the time to do so. Below are the pledges that they wrote:

‘We remember’
Martyn Day MP

‘We will always remember the cold blooded murder of innocent young men and boys. We have to stand up to intolerance whenever we see it.

Graham Evans MP


‘Remembering the slaughter of the innocents. We must never forget where intolerance leads’.
Grahame Morris MP

‘I pledge never to forget the horror of the genocide at Srebrenica and to stand up to hatred and intolerance wherever it exists’.
Stuart McDonald MP

‘We must never forget that even in Europe, tragedies occur. We must always be vigilant’.
Tom Brake MP

‘Remembering their sacrifice, we pledge never to let it happen again’.
Eleanor Laing MP

‘Lest we forget, this must never happen again’.
Marion Fellows MP

‘Remembering the victims forever and ever. #lestweforget’
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP

‘It is immensely sobering to know that this took place in our lifetimes. We must be forever vigilant against hate and division’.
Alex Chalk MP

‘We shall never forget’.
Sir Peter Bottomley MP

‘In memory of those who lost their lives, and those who are left and mourn this tragic loss. We will never forget in order that we will never repeat’.
Nigel Evans MP

‘We should never forget the terrible crime that took place. That mankind is responsible for such acts shocks all decent people. We must never forget and continue to work for peace’.
Ian Blackford MP

‘In memory of those who so cruelly lost their lives in a climate of hatred and bigotry. May we be ever vigilant that we prevent further genocides and atrocities. Peace’.
Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece

‘We will remember and must never forget. Peace and solidarity’.
Angela Rayner MP

‘I was very moved to visit Srebrenica a few years ago and meet some of the women who survived, and hear their stories’.
Andrew Stephenson MP

‘We will remember the victims and also how it has shaped the lives of the survivors and their families’.
Jason McCartney MP

‘We must never forget the atrocity and suffering at Srebrenica, and hope that such will be confined to history the world over’.
Alan Brown MP

‘It is still a horrifying memory and will remain so. I shall always be mindful of the terrible price paid by those who lost their lives, but also the continuing price being paid throughout their lives by the survivors and the relatives’.
Baroness Lynda Chalker of Wallasey

‘It is essential that what occurred should not happen again and without international intervention. This is why in 1999, I was in full support of the action taken in Kosovo’.
David Winnick MP

‘Srebrenica should always be remembered for the senseless loss of life that occurred because the world looked the other way. May we never forget our responsibility to act in the face of genocide again’.
Wes Streeting MP

‘The world looked on and watched to their shame. Let’s hope it never happens again’.
Sir Alan Meale MP

‘The world would be a better place if there was greater love, tolerance, unity and compassion. Peace is always the best way forward’.
Baroness Zahida Manzoor

‘We will never forget those who were so cruelly murdered in the Srebrenica massacre, a genocidal act like this should NEVER happen again. May the peace and love of all help all those left without loved ones to heal. “We shall never forget”.
Margaret Ferrier MP


‘I visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Srebrenica museum in Sarajevo. This brutal act of genocide can never be forgotten. We must learn the lessons and ensure such evil never happens again’.
Calum McCaig MP

‘As UK Commissioner for the International Commission of Missing Persons, I am proud of the work done by the ICMP in helping uncover the true horror of this tragedy. Srebrenica should stand forever as a monument to inhumanity – but may peace and reconciliation flow from such sorrow. Our thoughts as always with the families of those lost’.
Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP

‘We will never forget those who were murdered, and pledge to honour the memory of those who were killed by uniting to tackle hatred and prejudice wherever we find it. Never again’.
Caroline Lucas MP

‘We must never forget them’.
Jonathan Djanogoly MP

‘With our heartfelt remembrance’.
Baroness Frances D’Souza, The House of Lords Speaker

‘Can you believe our own pledge to “never forget” when so many ignored your brutal suffering at the time or contented ourselves with the promise of “safe haven”. In Northern Ireland, we had fighting over parades and marches while extermination was being brutally transacted in Srebrenica. We cannot forget your suffering or our shame’.
Mark Durkan MP

‘I visited Srebrenica two years ago and I will never forget. Hatred of races should never be allowed to happen and again and we must learn the lessons of the past’.
Karen Lumley MP, Chair of Bosnia APPG

‘I will never forget my visit to Srebrenica. We must never forget what happened, or think that it is of some dim and distant past. Hatred is just a short distance under the surface in our country. We can only defeat it through hope and love’.
Stephen Doughty MP

‘I addressed the first Islamophobia European Summit in Sarajevo only weeks ago. It felt surreal that this could happen which is we must never forget. “Inna lillahi wa, inallah-e-rajioon”.
Naz Shah MP
‘We will never forget those who died and our thoughts and prayers remain with their families’.
Seema Malhotra MP

‘This terrible event in our lifetime must never be forgotten – and we must learn from it so it is never repeated’.
Kerry McCarthy MP

‘We will never forget those who died in such unspeakable tragedy. We must work globally to ensure such horrors never happen again’.
Paula Sherriff MP

‘This appalling massacre of innocent men, women and children is a crime against humanity. Our remembering them means that we will never forget this destroying of their lives. May they rest in peace and be a symbol of how we should always protect our human rights and work, live and enjoy life together as human beings – respecting each other’s differences’.
Valerie Vaz MP


‘May your souls rest in peace forever. May we never forget you’.
Peter Grant MP

‘The horrors of Bosnia had a profound effect on one as a new MP in the 1990s. We must never forget them and they must always strengthen our resolve to stand up against hate and intolerance wherever they occur. Never again’.
Richard Burden MP

‘Always remembered. Never forgotten. Never again’.
Hilary Benn MP

‘We must never forget. We must never walk by on the other side’.
Jon Ashworth MP

‘We must always remember what happened in Srebrenica. It should never happen again’.
Lord Sheikh

‘We will never forget’.
Will Quince MP

‘We should never forget the genocide which took place over 20 years ago in Srebrenica. We shall always remember them and pray for the souls of the tragic victims. With prayers’.
Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon

‘Remembrance is necessary and important. So is positive action for a peaceful future’.
Lord Hylton

‘A thought and prayer for everyone affected by this. Every father, brother, sister, husband, wife, cousin, friend all have a story’.
Michelle Thomson MP

‘We Parliamentarians really do need to do better and learn from mistakes made in the past. Never to be forgotten’.
Sir David Amess MP

‘It was said after the second world war that this kind of massacre would not occur again in Europe. Yet 21 years ago, 8,000 men and boys were killed in one go. We should not let this happen again’.
Yasmin Qureshi MP
‘Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of those murdered in the Srebrenica genocide and we must pledge to never let history repeat itself in this way’.
Imran Hussain MP

‘I remember this time with a mixture of horror at what happened and huge regret that the world stood by and let this happen’.
Pat Glass MP

‘I will never forget what happened and have a responsibility to ensure others don’t either’.
Stephen Gethins MP
‘Never forget’.
Anne McLaughlin MP