Memorial Week 2016 in schools

During memorial week 2016, over 50 community action events were held to educate young people about the events in Srebrenica and the lessons that we must learn. Over 10,000 young people in the UK were reached during July through assemblies, workshops or participation in the 8372 Srebrenica Memorial Football Tournament. It was excellent to see young people commemorating the Srebrenica genocide in a range of inspiring ways.


Students in Berkshire participated in an art competition based on their learning about Srebrenica and 112 students completed a 1km walk to symbolise the 112km walk from Srebrenica to Tuzla made by many men and boys to attempt to escape in July 1995.

Primary school pupils in Leeds wrote heartfelt poetry and inspirational pledges after discussing the kind of world they would like to live in.

Over 1000 young people were involved in the 8372 Srebrenica Memorial Football Tournament across the country, uniting on the 13th July to play football and stand up to hatred and intolerance.

Remembering Srebrenica has education resources available for primary and secondary school students which can be used throughout the year.