Case Study: Flash Mob in Manchester

It was important for the organisers to try to reach beyond those who already work on interfaith or integration issues and to go beyond this. The event organisers wanted to make a last difference and create positive change in communities that sometimes live side-by-side but not always together.

After planning sessions and coming up with different ideas, the group came up with a way to reach out to members of the public in through attaching information about the lessons from Srebrenica to hundreds of white flowers representing peace – pictured above. They then went into Manchester city centre on a busy Saturday and handed out the flowers to shoppers, tourists and passers-by. Group members talked to people about the Srebrenica genocide, the importance of remembering and embracing difference and diversity.

Members of the public were very moved by what the volunteers had to say. Many remembered the tragic events at Srebrenica, others asked what they could do to help. Some asked how they could commemorate, others shared their own stories.

The group worked as a team with everyone taking a different role to make the event happen. Some found the flowers, others printed the labels or made a video of the day. All came together to work as a team with the aim of remembering the victims and benefitting their own community in the UK. You can watch the very moving video of the day here.

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