Case Study: Faiths Working Together for the Mothers of Srebrenica

After the trip, the group pledged to host a joint commemorative event at the London Faiths Forum. Leonie Lewis, Director of the Jewish Volunteering Network and one of Remembering Srebrenica’s champions felt it was important to help the Muslim community own the narrative of Srebrenica and commemorate in a way that has meaning.

Mustafa Field, Director of the Faiths Forum, was incredibly moved by the bravery of the Mothers of Srebrenica who told him they wanted “others to learn from their loss” which is what Mustafa pledged to do.

Others were moved by the courage of the mothers of the victims of Srebrenica and their determination to speak about the tragedy and their pursuit for justice. This inspiration and hope led the group to come together to organise the event to hear the stories of the women of Srebrenica who mobilised and worked together in numerous different ways to bring justice and awareness of the genocide.

Speakers from different faiths talked about the importance of interfaith dialogue and community cohesion. They focussed on the diversity of London and the importance for communities to share experiences and come together when acts of violence occur.
People also spoke about how individuals could come together to tackle problems within society. At first these might seem hard to deal with on your own, but tackled collectively can create positive change.

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