Building a Community of Champions

A Community Based On Friendship

Remembering Srebrenica’s mission is carried out by our growing network of over a thousand Community Champions, overseen by our three country and six regional boards.

Our community comprises people of all ages, races, faiths, and backgrounds who share a common passion – to stand up to all forms of hatred and intolerance, and to build better communities for everyone in the UK.

What makes our community so effective? 

The answer is simple – friendship. We talk to four pairs of Community Champions who have come together to do extraordinary things.

Semira & Misba

Semira Jakupović of the UK Bosnian Community worked with Community Champion Misba Sheikh to organise a deeply moving vigil for the victims of Srebrenica on in July 2016 and 2017. 

Misba said: “For me, one of the highlights of volunteering with Remembering Srebrenica last year was meeting Semira Jakupović, a lovely lady who has become a dear friend. Semira’s warmth and energy are infectious and it has been a privilege organising community action with her and becoming more closely involved with the Bosnian community in London. Semira is an invaluable pillar of support and her positivity and confidence inspire the same in others.” 

Julian & Imam

Reverend Julian Francis and Imam Mersad Krnjic forged a strong friendship in 2016 while organising a powerful interfaith memorial event at St George’s Church in Birmingham that brought together the Bosnian and Christian communities.

Reverend Francis said: “Working with Mersad was a great pleasure for me. Our differing faith perspectives complimented each other and Mersad’s input and insights into the Bosnian community were invaluable in organising the ‘Voices of Survival’ event. We are keen to work together again and cement the links between our communities.” 

Imam Krnijc said: “Reverend Francis is a man of incredibly generous spirit and so welcoming to our community. I felt honoured to read from the Qur’an alongside Julian as he read from the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible, as well as delivering his own wise reflections on the need to learn from the genocide.” 

Mashuda & Adisa

Mashuda Shaikh helped young UK Bosnian Adisa Pudic to bring together the diverse community of Dewsbury in a commemoration that highlighted the strength and beauty of Bosnian culture, while emphasising the need to learn from the past.

Adisa Pudic said: “Working with Mashuda has enlightened me, and shown me that there are people out there who are willing to show and express their acknowledgement and support for these struggles. I have been inspired by Mashuda as she represents what it means to be a strong, independent and courageous woman.“ 

Aisha & Aimee

Aisha Mirza and Aimee Banay came together to deliver workshops on community cohesion and valuing diversity to 100 children at a Jewish faith Primary School for children. The children also created 6 foot Srebrenica flower using cut outs of hands with messages of peace and unity. 

They say: “The Remembering Srebrenica Community has an energy of wanting to push change, of needing to challenge mindsets and aims to inspire. From the charity’s office to the representatives in Bosnia, everyone works tirelessly supporting one another and we feel privileged to be part of the family.”

“Working with each other has been amazing. We were friends prior to working with Remembering Srebrenica, but the experiences we shared during our trip out to Bosnia not only challenged us, but strengthened our friendship and resolve to make a difference in our respective Muslim and Jewish communities.“