About Remembering Srebrenica Scotland

Whilst being an independent charity, Remembering Srebrenica (Scotland) is closely aligned to Remembering Srebrenica, sharing the same aims and objectives.

The Board of Trustees is chaired by the Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood, former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and includes a number of prominent individuals from Scottish Society.

Scotland's Board Members

The Scottish charity coordinates Srebrenica awareness activities, commemorations and the Scottish Schools Education programme. It also fundraises and manages the “Lessons of Srebrenica” programme in Scotland.

Despite only being created in 2015. The charity receives high level support across the political spectrum and is already well established in Scottish civic society.

Remembering Srebrenica [Scotland] is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) No SCO46540.

We believe that to promote a stronger, more cohesive future for all, it is essential to learn lessons from the genocide in Srebrenica.

Support Our Work

With your help, we can do just that, so please assist us to promote a better, more tolerant society here in Scotland. A society that prizes understanding and cohesion. And a society that promises always to learn, yet never to forget.

Educational Resources

Here you will find our education resources to help raise awareness of the Srebrenica genocide and to promote lessons to be learned for future generations.

Our resources include a comprehensive set of lesson plans to be used across Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) education developed jointly between Remembering Srebrenica and the leading experts at the PSHE Association.

There are lesson plans and activities to be used across the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Teachers in Scotland can use these, for example, within Social Studies, Religious and Moral Education, Health and Wellbeing and Personal and Social education.


for Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

Whole School Assembly Pack

for secondary schools

Whole School Assembly Pack

for Primary School

School Assembly Evaluation Form

Your use of these resources supports Remembering Srebrenica in our work to raise awareness of the genocide in the UK and contribute to strengthening British society by helping to tackle hatred, racism and intolerance wherever it occurs.

Memorial Events in Scotland

The Board of Remembering Srebrenica has organised powerful commemorations for Srebrenica Memorial Week since 2014. These events have brought together people from all sectors of society to learn the lessons from the genocide, hear survivor testimonies and pledge to build a more cohesive, stronger and safer society in Scotland.

2017 Srebrenica Memorial Week

Remembering Srebrenica Scotland held their commemoration for the 22nd Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide on Friday the 14th of July at St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art. Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, Kezia Dugdale MSP spoke alongside the President of the Association of Women Victims of War, herself a survivor of rape, Bakira Hasecic.

You can watch the key moments from the commemoration in this video taken by STV.